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The above is a self portrait by Sorella Andersen the 2014 Fred Wilder Scholarship Award winner. More of Sorella's work can be seen below.

On May 10th 2014 the Treasure Island Art Guild held its annual Scholarship luncheon.

The purpose of this meeting was not only to hand out the “members monthly awards” and the Art Guild Scholarship Award (click here for details of the 2014 Treasure Island Scholarship Award , but also to present for the first time the Fred Wilder Scholarship Award of $1,000. Fred has been a member for a long time and was a former President of the Art Guild. As an art instructor, Fred has been raising funds with his very popular Monday art classes. At the luncheon he donated these funds to the Art Guild Treasurer Pat Van Leuven who happily accepted his check for the Guild. Pat in turn surprised him with a cleverly assembled "candy board" as a thank you. You had to have been there to appreciate the reaction. Many thanks go out to the City of Treasure Island Recreation Dept, and the local papers such as The Gabber, The Beach Beacon and The Island Reporter for promoting our Art Classes.

The winner of the 2014 Fred Wilder Scholarship was Sorella Andersen who attended the luncheon along with her proud parents Andrea and Nathan Andersen. Sorella has graduated from the International Baccalaureate Program at St. Petersburg High School. She was accepted at four colleges and decided to attend our local Eckerd College where she will major in Visual Arts, Creative Writing and Business. Sorella says Eckert College allows for flexible interdisciplinary education which will allow her to pursue art along with other complimenting interests. She also wishes to study abroad. Sorella is planning on being a graphic novelist.

Enjoy Sorella's beautiful art work below:






Also given out at our May luncheon was the 2014 TIAG Scholarship award. Click here to review:

The 2014 Treasure Island Scholarship Award.

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