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City Hall with Art Guild logo!



Treasure Island Art Guild
Color Logo Contest!

We love our Logo! But we are looking for some color ideas! Please "click here" to make copies of the black & white logo or use the one on the back page of the January paper Newsletter. Come up with one entry per member. We will display and vote on the logo art work at the March 9, Membership Meeting. You can bring your entry to this meeting or mail it to:

Treasure Island Art Guild
PO Box 47001-0001
St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0001
Attn: Logo Dept.


February 9th … Patricia Zill
March 9th … volunteer needed
April 13th … Andrea Holbrook
May 11th … volunteer needed


Amazing Techniques on YUPO And Altered Surfaces

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013
In The Garden Room
9:30 AM to 1:30 PM
$45 Members $50 Non Members

Workshop Supply List
Two pieces of art will be accomplished in this workshop.

First a quick placements of leaves on Mi-Teintes Art Board.

Second, a wash of color on YUPO

Watercolors will be used on both.

Bring your usual W/C paints to include: Burnt Seinna , Ultra Blue, Thalo Blue, Cad Yellow , Lemon Yellow, Scarlet Lake, Quinacridone Red (or red rose deep), Alizarin Crimson, Raw Seinna , White, Qouache.

Masking Tape, water containers & the usual W/C supplys

If you don’t have these pigments, please do not go out and buy them, we can share.

Brushes: 1” flat, ¾” flat (I use an angle brush), a few rounds and a rigger.

I will furnish the art board and the YUPO.

It is very important that you have a flat surface ( gatorboard is good) to work on the YUPO.

If I see a need to revise this list, it will be in an e mail.

Chuck Hager


Classes start Monday February 4 with Basic Drawing at 9:30am to 11:30am and Basic Watercolor from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. All classes are held in the City Hall Auditorium.

Cost for each class is $30 for six weeks or $6 per class if paid weekly. For more information such as class supplies and to register call Fred Wilder at 360 8390

Anything Goes.. !

Wednesday March, 6th - 9:30-12.

People planning to attend this workshop will need to bring a simple picture that they would like to paint over a background., If you have it, also acrylics (fluid or in a tube), white gesso, a board of some type to place paper on, pencil, brushes and texturing tools such as wine cork, old credit card, Q-tips old paint scrapers, etc. Judy will provide treated paper and above items if they do not have them.

Arlene Kitchin


Bruce Kotchey continues to work with VA veterans, Guild members and non-member each Thursday morning at City Hall. Beginning at 9:30. Participants work on projects ranging from still life to animals and to landscapes of Florida. The object of the instruction is to learn acrylic techniques, how to use various brushes and the medium and to complete a take-home masterpiece at the end of the morning.

Not all participants work in acrylic. It is a fun exercise and all are welcome. This is also Open Studio time for anybody to work on other projects they like.

If Bruce is not available, there will always be a still-life opportunity for artists each Thursday.
$3 for members and vets and $4 for non-members.


By Luba Robinson

The Treasure Island Art Guild 2013 Winter Show is exhibiting the works of award winning artists Carolyn Beard, George Greenfield, Winnie McIntyre, Claire Paultre, Mary Ann Tucci, and Colleen Ward through February 27th at our Community Center.

A symphony of stunning color creates chasms of form in " Comanche Moon" and " House of the rising Sun" , the art of illustrious acrylic painter, Beard. Realism lends itself to the abstract in " Night Blooms" and “The Reef" , together spelling the lyrical touch of her brush.

Digital artist Greenfield, master of " visual impact" , delivers the carnivorous " Pitcher Plant" whose striking design and intense color captures its’ prey as well as the viewers’eye. While " Sleeper" suggests reality in a dream state, brilliant hues spill over into " Untitled" and " Green Peppers" .

Accomplished oil painter, McIntyre, introduces a portrait of lovely " Leymah" posed in a reflective moment. With bold primary colors, she gives us strong character studies in " Cuban Lady" and " African Boy" . " Life Together" stirs the emotions as it shows a viewer the essence of what it’s all about.

Representational fine artist Claire Paultre brings to life acrylics " Pelican at Rest" , " Bait House" , and a watercolor " The Causeway" . Her Haitian roots continue to speak of her sensitivity to the hues of the tropics in the dazzling acrylic " End of Day" , a poem without words.

Gleaning from an extensive background in art education, Tuccis’ acrylic abstracts successfully address drawing out emotions and interpretations as in " Volcano" and " Lattice Gone Wild" . " Geometry" , in its’ simplicity, calms the spirit. " Broken Heart" speaks to an " inner landscape" .

An acute sense of color harmony triumphs in the work of pastel artist and Guild President Colleen Ward. Layers of glowing hues perfume the air in " The Garden Path" and " Peaceful Reflections" . " Cabbage Key circa 1970’s" takes us to the vintage charm of a Florida of yesterday. The beauty of a limited palette and great composition gives us " Three Bags Full".

The Treasure Island Community Center is located on 106th Ave.,
just east of Gulf Blvd. Call (727)547-4575 for hours of operation.


All 2012 Memberships ran out on December 31st. For those still not signed up please click here: membership application form & fees and fill out an application form. Thank you !

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