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Yupo is a synthetic art paper. The non-absorbent, ultra-smooth surface allows paints like watercolor and acrylics to sit right on top of the paper, making for beautiful, watery effects unachievable on any other paper. Chuck Hager's 1/2 day workshop, Watercolor on Yupo will be Saturday February. 2, 2013, 9:30am-1:30pm in the Garden Room at the Community Center. The fee is $45 Members, $50 Non-Members. To register for the Workshops, send a check, made out to TI-AG, to:

Treasure Island Art Guild
PO Box 47001
St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0001
Attention: Colleen Ward, President
Be sure to indicate it is for the Yupo workshop.

Please click here for details of all other workshops!!

"Money Prize Show"

January 31st 2013 is the date to bring in your art work for the Money Prize Show (open to members & non-members), Up to 3 entry per person! The Show Name is “From the Heart"

Cash Prizes:

$150.00 1st place

$100.00 2nd place,

$50.00 3rd place,

Four honorable mentions @ $25.00

For additional information please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage !!

General rules for this Money Show:

* No Nudes.

* Do not re-enter a painting that has previously won at the TI Art Guild.

* No painting older than 2 years.

* Painting must be properly framed, must not exceed 42” wide including frame, and must be wired for hanging.


The Art Guild is offering its yearly $1,500 Scholarship Award to a student from any Pinellas County school who is going on to study art at a university this next summer. This has been a way the Art Guild has given back to the community in the past by encouraging all young art students to prepare for the challenging assignments of university life. The deadline for submitting art work is March 10th 2013. If you know of any art student or their parents please suggest they go to our website and submit an application.


Our Art Guild is in need of artists to create brochures and flyers or posters to be distribute around town and beyond. Our Art Guild can display posters in store windows and on notice boards at motels and public places. We are encouraged to display our posters on the city notice boards and many other places. Our Art Guild has not taped all the potential artists in the area, so we are in desperate need to create literature to promote our Art Guild. Please email us at:


We are getting larger attendance at our workshops and need more easels. If you have an extra easel sitting in a corner, please consider donating it to the Art Guild. Bring it to any of the workshops or meetings and we'll put it to good use.


All 2012 Memberships ran out on December 31st. For those still not signed up please click here: membership application form & fees and fill out an application form. Thank you !

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