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Painting with the Veterans


The Art Guild is holding painting classes led by Bruce Kotchey. The above photograph taken by Pete Garino shows the first class of the season with instructor Mac Perry.

More information about the classes being held with the veterans each month are shown below:

Painting with the Veterans

Instructor: Bruce Kotchey

Thursday November 15th, 9:30 - noon

($3 Members & Veterans, $4 Non-Members)

Bruce is a fantastic teacher and has been sharing his knowledge with us on Thursdays. Bruce is also a fantastic painting and been winning a number of awards at our monthly shows! Bring your paints and canvas and come let Bruce lead you through another painting experience.


Open to the Public. Starts at 11 am at the Treasure Island City Hall. Activities include:

Scholarship Fundraiser Fall Flea Market

Cash Awards for the Monthly Art Show which was Judged by Ruth Philipon

A demonstration of digital art by Joe Martin

A Hospitality Table by Helen Mullins

….and more things to see and do with other artists.

See additional details below:

* * * * *

November 2012 Show

"Food for Thought"

TI City Hall

Judge: Ruth Philipon

Demonstrator: Joe Martin

* * * * *

Scholarship Fundraiser

Fall Flea Market

November 10th, 11am - 2pm

Bring your gently used art supplies to our first fundraiser of the season. And don't forget your checkbook! We have over 200 beautiful Art Books assortment of frames and canvasses and more donated by Grace Porter, a member since 1974 and a lovely and gracious lady who recently passed away.

Add to our treasure trove above by sorting through your art supplies and donating any gently used items to our Scholarship Fundraiser. Bring them the day of our Art Flea Market.

Eleanor Adamo, Ways & Means Chairman

* * * * *

Decorated Grab Bags

To promote our Scholarship Fund, the Decorated Grab Bags are Back! Pick up your brown paper bag at the Nov. 10th meeting. We are asking that Members decorate the bags with a holiday theme and place a small surprise inside. The bags will be auctioned off at the December Luncheon. All proceeds will go to the Scholarship Fund.

Make your bag the most sought after gift of the season! Original artwork or craftwork that is one-of-a-kind. And the surprise inside is like a token from Santa. No coal, please!

The Scholarship Fund Is Important; Our future lies in our Educated Youth….please be generous with your time and decorate a Bag, as a way of sharing our artistic talent!

* * * * *

Hospitality Corner

Thank you to Kathy Vanasse for the wonderful carrot cake in October. Kathy is our Scholarship Chairman and brings the Veterans over to paint once a month. Be sure to thank her for all her generous work.

On November 10th Helen Mullins has volunteered to coordinate the Hospitality Table for this event, please thank her.

Get Creative with Collage

Instructor: Joanna Coke

Winter ½-Day Workshops

Jan. 17th : Landscape Collage

Feb. 21st : Portrait Collage

Mar. 14th: Still Life Collage

9am - noon at TI City Hall

$50 Members, $60 Non-Members

Collage Workshops Supplies List:

Collage is about using readily available materials without spending a lot of money on art supplies. If the students bring what they have, half the fun is sharing the materials. We will be cutting up imagery from many sources, so start collecting:

- Magazines (various topics, sports, Time, fashion, gardening, etc.)

- Found materials from nature: leaves, branches, seeds, etc.

- Found printed materials: used tickets, gum wrappers, product labels, stickers, etc.

- Papers: tissue, wrapping, old greeting cards, etc.

- Make copies of your personal photographs (Do not use the original photos in the collage)

You can make various sizes of the same image.

Each workshop has a theme. Bring photo references for ideas for each session:

Landscape, Portrait, & Still Life.

You will each need the following items:

Journal: 9 x 12 min. size (sketch pad will do nicely). Many important points will be given during the workshop for note taking and sketching compositions.

Soft Gel Matte: 1 small jar, will be used as a glue and dries clear and quicker than Elmers. (You can use the liquid gel in matte or semi-gloss finish as well if you already have it).

Brushes: Used to spread the gel, bring a small round and a larger flat brush (whatever you already have). Bring what you have to use for the acrylic paints at the end.

2 Supports: We will be working small, NO bigger than 9 x 12. This size will not warp. Canvas Board OR 300# Watercolor Paper OR ¼" Foam Board

Scissors: Perhaps 2 pairs: 1 for cutting small pieces, the other for cutting larger pieces

Wax Paper: I have a really clean and easy method when gluing by using this… share the roll with others.

Plastic table cover for easy clean-up.

Rags: for greener clean-up and less paper usage.

Paints: Acrylics. Bring your normal selection of colors, the basics will do: white, yellow, red, blue, green, brown, black. Paints are used at the end of the process.

Palette: Bring what you normally use for mixing your paints (plastic plates will work).

To register for the Workshops, send a check, made out to TIAG, to:

Treasure Island Art Guild

PO Box 47001

St. Petersburg, FL 33743-0001

Attention: Colleen Ward, President

Be sure to indicate the date(s) for which you are registering.


We are getting larger attendance at our workshops and need more easels. If you have an extra easel sitting in a corner, please consider donating it to the Art Guild. Bring it to any of the workshops or meetings and we'll put it to good use.

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