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The Art Guild was so pleased to welcome as our presenter last September, Rick Yearick (above to the right with members of the Art Guild, following his presentation).

Rick was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and educated on a scholarship at the Columbus College of Art & Design, he went on to advanced studies at the Chicago Art Institute and the Kansas City Art Institute. His business career took him to Hallmark Cards, Crayola, Norcross and Sangamon, where he created and managed, all the while evolving as an artist. He also served as president of two limited edition art print companies, Somerset House Publishing and American Masters Foundation.

"This Is Art"

by Colleen Highfild


Paper, pencil, paint and brush
drawing can be like a spell.
Why they have this kind of touch
describes them very well.

A special gift one endures
looking through their eyes and mind.
When seeing in a picture
emotions are next they find.

Certain ways they will express
the only one who can know.
Putting feelings to the test
from results it always shows.

In what it means when doing
by making their special mark.
Explaining how only brings
the definition of art.



by Luba Robinson

The Treasure Island Art Guild opens itsí Fall season show at the Community Center with award winning artists, Linda Critser, Grace Murdock, Luba Robinson, Grace Roth, and Rosemary Utzinger, exhibiting through October 31st.

From Margaretsí Garden , by watercolor artist and Army veteran Linda Critser, reflects layers of sheer pastel color to complement the fragile petals of an Iris. Adobe draws the viewer into a glowing landscape. Toucan, perched on a limb in a tropical forest, showcases itsí spectacular beak. Her versatility in subject matter invites us into a Shake Shop at Madeira Beach.

Watercolor artist Grace Murdock gives expression to her passion for our feathered friends. A subtle background contrasts the stoic pose of a Yellow Crowned Night Heron. Lost edges capture the softness of the downy Pair of Owls and the painterly Snowy Egret and Nest. The vividly colored Little Green Heron visits GraceÖ.. poolside, every Spring !

Luba Robinson, an oil painter and long time Florida resident, gives us treasures of the sea in Beached and Shellscape, bathed in stunning hues. Poetic inspiration gives a lyrical response to Nautilus. Amazing Grace blends dramatic value contrasts in the flight of a soaring Egret.

Plein air watercolorist Grace Roth, skillfully combines color with a strong sense of narrative in a repertoire of Florida scenes. Layered glazes give luminosity to Boat in Tierra Verde and Cottage at Bradenton Beach. She delivers a wistful Lowe House at Heritage Village and a sparkling Fruit Stand in Dunnellon which sings a song of epicurean delight.

Oil paintings of Rosemary Utzinger speak to an effort to hold onto the moments that move me emotionally, as evidenced in Through the Stone Arch, the rolling hillsides in Farm in Provence, and Patio at My Brothersí Place. A soft touch describes a pastel portrait Grandma in Pink. Her art also reflects a combination of good composition, harmonious color, contrast, and controlled values, all the technical qualities of fine art.

The Treasure Island Community Center is located at Park Street and 106th Avenue. Call the Recreation Center at 547-4575 for more information.


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