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Above is the Art Work of Leah Augustine the Scholarship Award winner from last year (2011).

This year's Scholarship Luncheon will announce and welcome the 2012 Scholarship winner begining at: 12 Noon, May 12th, 2012 in the City Hall Auditorium.

An award & check will be made to the lucky student, and the student’s art work will be on display.

Members & guests are asked to bring a dish to share - pasta, entrees, salads, cookies, cakes etc.

The Art Guild will supply meat and cheese platters, tea & coffee.

Again this year, entertainment will be provided by the Guild.

Award ribbons will be given out for the May Show.

This is always a fun luncheon and a chance to get to meet and congratulate all the winners.


As this May show is the last show till September art work must be picked up on Thursday May 24th between 9:30am and 12 noon. The alternate date is Friday May 25th at the same time.



The portrait workshop summer session of the Treasure Island Art Guild will start Friday June 8th, 9:15am at Suntan Art Center in St. Pete Beach. This will mark the fourth year that the Suntan Art Center has extended their hospitality to members of the portrait workshop of the Treasure Island Art Guild.

These workshops will meet each Friday from June 8th through the month of August. More details are available by calling Pete Garino 345-4150 or 692-6919.

"Two in One"

by Colleen Highfild


Poetry and art are ways
giving thoughts that only lead
To exhibit, ones do or say
by observing and to read

Certain ways that things appeal
when bringing it to our mind
Noticing how they reveal
when searching for what to find

Like they both go hand in hand
a mystery now becomes
By solving only what they can
shows the work of how it's done

Either way, they will subside
for results are quite the same
Images, that never hide
once putting them in a frame.



by Luba Robinson

The last show at our Community Center for the Treasure Island Art Guild 2011/ 2012 Winter/Spring season is on display through May 23 rd. Featured artists are Chuck Hager, Jan Chalmers, Gerry Bourlon, Ambrose O’Leary, and Helen Mullins.

Chuck Hager, whose extensive background as a fine artist and instructor, exhibits his ability to work with mixed media in lyrical "Iris Series". Depth of color saturation and reflections successfully script the character of "Ye Olde Bottles". Watercolor on Yupo engages the viewer in a contemporary “Bamboo”and mood setting "Morning Trees". His award winning work is in international and local collections.

Her passion for "all things bright and beautiful", which most notably include Florida Wildlife, are the inspiration for the work of talented artist Jan Chalmers. As if frozen in time and bathed in verdant hues of acrylic, "White Egret in Green Swamp" and "Blue Egret in Green Swamp", play a part in a the narrative of a waiting game. In oils, the hush of "The Lookout" and "Patience" join the cast of characters.

Seminole resident and award winning artist, Gerry Bourlon, has studied with local and Dunedin Art Center instructors. Watercolor became her passion after years of Sumei painting. Dynamic color and composition set the stage for the gait of "Hurrying Ostriches" and ceremonial dancers in "Moroccan Holiday". Stimulating the senses are "playful Seahorses" and "Frolicking Flamingos".

After retiring from the real world and beginning watercolor classes only three years ago, Ambrose O’Leary is making his mark as an artist. "Poppies" are glowing against a textured background as a shadowed wall complements “Sunflowers”. “Bromie” completes the bouquet. Palms in tropic breezes contrasting subtle pastel hues of a "Duval Street" home exemplifies the quiet side of Key West.

Multiple workshops and studies speaks volumes for the art of Helen Mullins who attempts to to "capture a moment and evoke a memory that is unique to the viewer".A palette knife scumbles the canvas to create a glowing “Cortez Village”, a portal to another time. "Gals and Gulls" show us an afternoon on a St. Pete waterfront, a "Gulfcoast Shrimper" at rest, and a Gauguin style "Ponte Verde Memory".

Our Community Center is located on 106th Avenue, east of Gulf Blvd. Call 547-4575 for hours of operation.


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