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Above is a typical Art Guild luncheon held at Treasure Island City Hall.

This year's Scholarship Luncheon begins at 12 Noon, May 12, 2012 in the City Hall Auditorium. The Art Guild will supply meat and cheese platters, tea & coffee.

Members & guests are asked to bring a dish to share - pasta, entrees, salads, cookies, cakes etc.

Again this year, entertainment will be provided by the Guild.

Award ribbons will be given out for the May Show along with a presentation of the Scholarship Award to the lucky student. The students work will also be on display. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet all the members in one place and break bread together!

"April Show "

"Painting Exchange - Date & Time: "

Thursday, April 5th, 9am – 1pm

Treasure Island City Hall

Theme: Gestures

* * * * *

"Meeting, Reception & Awards "

April 14th, 1 pm at TI City Hall

Judge for this show will be: Anna Glen

Demonstration by: Chuck Hager

Chuck Hager teaches in various locations in Pinellas County, although he has been a fixture at the Pinellas Park Art Society for more than 20 years. Beginning his journey in art at age four in West Virginia, Chuck has successfully exhibited in many outstanding Florida shows including Mainsail. His work has won ribbons and prizes during his career. Over the years, many Florida galleries have exhibited his work as well as Hobbs Gallery in Maine.

As an instructor, Chuck encourages his students to experiment in varied techniques in order to enhance their creative freedom of expression.

"Opportunity for Service to our Community"

Last month Colleen mentioned that the Art Group from Bay Pines Veterans Hospital comes to City Hall for a painting class each month on the fourth Thursday. This is a free class for the Veterans and TIAG Members.

All members & guests are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge of painting & drawing, but it is an open studio for those wishing to use this space & time.

Concerned that you are not a teacher and could not possibly be of any use to these men and women? Wrong! They are not coming for professional artists who will teach them to paint like the old masters. They are coming to work on a hobby, perhaps to learn a skill to carry into the rest of their recuperation and to make some new friends.

Come rub elbows with our country's heroes, and share your passion for art or just come for a cup of coffee and some cookies. Maybe this month just come and hang out, or come and paint beside them and see where you might fit in the grand scheme of things. But come. Bring a snack to share if you like, maybe make a new friend. Our Guild proudly serves the community with our scholarship program. This is a service opportunity to other members of our society, and best of all, they come to us, we don't have to travel to them!

Kudos to all who join the Thursday class each fourth Thursday of the month from 10:00am until 12:30pm.

"Art Exhibited"

While we celebrate and enjoy fellow members work each month at City Hall, the Art Guild also features the work of members at the Community Center. Four works from each featured member are hung in the main room for two months at a time.

This may be the best kept secret we have, but you owe it to yourself to visit each showing to see a bit more of our fellow members work. These paintings are not judged, there is no reception, but they are truly worthy of a visit for your enjoyment.

Treasure Island Community Center
1 Park Place & 106th Avenue
Downtown Treasure Island

Please call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.

"This and That "

Last month's Flea Market was a resounding success! For me, purchasing gently used art supplies gives me a chance to try one more medium without a huge outlay for supplies. This year I picked up several bargains and look forward to working with each one.

Several months ago, I found myself looking for a french easel for an afternoon of plein aire painting. Can you tell I am newly retired and game for most anything?

Well anyway, I called all my friends hoping to purchase a used easel to go with my gently used oil paints and brushes and join Robert Simone's group out at Ft. DeSoto. Richard Jansen from Pinellas Park Art Group located not just one but two french easels from which to choose. That was very lucky, and the day's outing was wonderful. I had never painted outdoors before. The weather was great, and the company delightful.

Patricia Marklin

"Traveling Artist "

by Colleen Highfild


A solo trip ones explore
going where they want to be
Explaining, why it is for
finding all their eyes will see

Places, where there is no pain
describing ways to process
Images that only gain
for the mind will do the rest

The kind of journey to take
where an artist only goes
Telling us, it's their own way
reasons why, for they just know

Starting, which it all begins
once a pencil is in hand
How to know what comes to them
on paper, shows when they can


" Weekly Workshops "

Anything Goes:
Every Wednesday, 9:30am-noon, TI Community Center, Garden Room
$3 Members, $4 Non-Members
Except $10 Members, $12 Non-Members when Guest Instructor is scheduled.

Open Studio:
Every Thursday, 10am-12:30pm, TI City Hall,
$3 Members, $4 Non-Members

Every Friday, 9:30am – Noon, TI City Hall
$4 Members, $6 Non-Member, Live Model

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