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Thank you Warren Carmichael
for contributing the digital art above!


February 2nd, 2012 is the date to bring in your art work for the "Money Prize Show"
(open to members & non-members), only one entry per person!

The Show Name is "GULF WATERS"

February: Open Show!

Awards: Cash & Ribbons

Painting Exchange Date & Time: Thursday, Feb. 2, 9am – 1pm

Treasure Island City Hall

One painting per entrant.

Fee: $10 TIAG 2012 Paid Up Members and $20 Non-Members

General rules for all Painting Exchanges:

1. Must be a Current Member, unless otherwise noted on the Schedule.

2. No Nudes.

3. Do not re-enter a painting that has previously won at the TI Art Guild.

4. No painting older than 2 years.

5. Painting must be properly framed, and must be wired for hanging.

For additional information please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage

"February Meeting, Reception & Awards"

Feb. 11th, 1 pm at TI City Hall

Judge: Libit Jones

Demo: Larry Pumfrey

Cash Prizes:

$150.00 1st place

$100.00 2nd place,

$50.00 3rd place.

$25.00 each of four honorable mentions


By: Mary Marsh, Outside Exhibitions Committee

The rich talent of five Treasure Island Art Guild members is now on display at our Community Center through March 1, 2012. Featured are Ginger Byrne, Patricia Marklin, Ron Marvin, Sally Pierce and Fred Wilder.

GINGER BYRNE loves the energy of the vibrant colors she uses in her watercolors such as: "Hello Gorgeous," a large orange hibiscus; "Oh what Fun," with three young children and "Fore!" showing a tall vase to hold a bunch of golf clubs. Yet the most commanding is "Misty River," a value study in dark, muted greens in the trees overhanging a tranquil, misty river.

Working in oil, renowned portrait artist, RON MARVIN, introduces his lovely, young daughter, "Jennifer," in a warm, soft profile. From the Portrait Workshop, in "Donna," Ron contrasts lights and darks and warm yellow highlights with cool green shadows; "Donna II," who sat for us a second time in more subtle lighting and finally, "Frank" in bold, masculine strokes, sparked by the highlight on his baseball cap.

PAT MARKLIN says, 'Birds are my passion--Tigers and Zebras, too,' so it is no surprise that her watercolors include a bright Toucan in "A Piece of Paradise," two colorful parrots in "Polly's Fantasy" and an Egret in "Just Fishing." In "Southern Beauty," she captures a blue Heron comfortably perched in a lush tropical plant, whose huge leaves are clean and transparent, from dark greens to bright yellows.

Another watercolorist, SALLY PIERCE, artfully combines color, light and form to convey four contrasting moods. Untamed nature is evident in "Out On A Limb" and "The Wind and the Rain," but "A Special Place" lets us escape to a quiet, restful side of nature. Beautifully executed, "Clowning Around" is special to Sally 'because of its pure color and ultra simplicity,' and it was her first-ever large watercolor.

Former Art Guild president, FRED WILDER demonstrates his versatility in his selection of paintings: "The Rebel," a pastel portrait; a display of Sumi Ink and an imposing watercolor, "St. Simon, GA Lighthouse." Lastly, his most unexpected entry is a pencil composition, with a half dozen large elephants, oblivious to their reflections, gathered around the "Water Hole."

Plan to see our show at the Community Center located on 106th Avenue, just east of Gulf Boulevard, Please call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.



Online Membership Application Form

The Membership Application Forms for both renewing membership and becoming a new member are now on line and can be printed out and mailed in. See: membership application form & fees 2012. This gives the opportunity for individuals out of town to join before arriving and thus handing in paintings for an exhibition as soon as they arrive.



By: Patricia Marklin, Hospitality Committee

If you haven't been coming to our monthly meetings, you’re missing a good thing. Each month the demonstrations are excellent. January's demo with Mary Ann Tucci was just the latest in a series of wonderful learning opportunities. (And she was very funny too!)

After I left my job in April, 2010 and as it happened, began my retirement, I joined three art groups before finding Treasure Island Art Guild. Now that I have the time, I take many classes as they interest me and yes, as I can afford to do so. I know one thing, that once every month I am guaranteed one free lesson. Though they are not always in a medium or subject I most often work, I never leave not having learned something new. Not only that, but I have a delicious "lunch" too. Let’s face it, most of us fill our plate with wonderful goodies and then go back and get something sweet to top it off. There’s often wine, and always punch, coffee and tea. What long ago may have begun as coffee and cake at our monthly meeting, now appears to be a luncheon buffet!

Now, I’ll be there each month - second Saturday at 1:00 p.m. to present the food and drink. Will I see you there?



Watercolor Workshop with Anne Abgott

February 6th - just one day - all day

10am-4pm, TI City Hall

$50 Members, $60 Non-Members.

Please phone Colleen Ward: 343-0448
for more details and reservations.

Anything Goes with Ron Marvin Wednesday, February 8th

9:30am-noon at TI Community Center

$3 Members, $4 Non-Members

Yes! Our very own Ron Marvin, member since 1972 at age 12, when he and his mother Elaine joined the Art Guild. Ron chose a career as a Firefighter for the City of St. Petersburg in order to allow himself time and flexibility to paint. Ron studied with two well-known artists, David Anderson and Daniel Greene. Through the years, Ron has been published in three prestigious magazines. In 1989, he won 1st Place in an Emerging Artist Contest held by the magazine American Artist. He was published in the magazine and traveled to Hollywood, California to receive the prize. Ron also has been published in International Artist and The Artist magazines.

In talking with Ron, he spoke of setting goals for yourself, continuing to learn and expand until you finally break through the barrier, your artwork is accepted and you are published. Ron is a truly dedicated artist and has collected many awards over the years.

Bring whatever you want to work on and Ron will be moving around helping everyone. Remember, Ron is a fabulous portrait artist, so if you are looking for some portrait pointers, here’s the perfect opportunity.

Still Life with Ruth Philipon

Thursday, February 9th

10am–12:30pm at TI City Hall

Come and enjoy Ruth’s creative composition
of fresh flowers and unique treasures
from around the world.

$6 Members, $8 Non-Members

Beginning Drawing & Watercolor

Starts Monday, Feb. 13th, 9am-11am.

The class will meet every Monday for 6 weeks.

Fee: $30 for 6 weeks or $6 if paid weekly

Instructor: Fred Wilder, 360-8390

Location: TI City Hall


    from 9:30am to 11:30am

    Followed By:

  • BASIC WATERCOLOR from 12:30pm to 2:30pm

    COST: $30.00 for 6 weeks per class
    or $6.00 per class if paid weekly

    INFORMATION: call Fred 360-8390 to sign-up
    for classes and material needed.


  • Anything Goes / in Art - Open Studio

    Wednesdays, 9:30am-noon, Garden Room, Community Center

    $3 members, $4 non-members

  • Open Studio

    Our Thursday "Still Life Workshop" will be converting to "Open Studio" format
    unless otherwise noted in the newsletter or schedule.

    Every Thursday, 10am–12:30pm at TI City Hall

    Fee: $3 Members, $4 Non-Members.

  • Portrait Workshop with Live Model

    Every Friday, 9:30am – Noon at TI City Hall

    Fee: $4 Members, $6 Non-Members

    Want to be a model? No experience needed. Contact Peter Garino at 345-4150.

    We welcome ordinary people, but in 2011 we had a pioneer in a coonskin cap
    and a clown with a red nose and big floppy shoes.
      Who will 2012 bring us?   (Note: MODEL RECEIVES $20 COMPENSATION)

For additional information please visit our Weekly workshops webpage!!

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