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The photo above (submitted by Joe Martin) shows the “Art Guild Holiday Luncheon” held last December 10th 2011. Many thanks to Pat Marklin, Hospitality Chairman, for coordinating this event and a “special thanks” to all the volunteers who made this Luncheon such a delightful event.

The next Art Guild Luncheon is on May 12th so mark your calendars.

"Money Prize Show"

February 2nd 2012 is the date to bring in your art work for the "Money Prize Show" (open to members & non-members), only one entry per person! The Show Name is "GULF WATERS"

Cash Prizes:

$150.00 1st place

$100.00 2nd place,

$50.00 3rd place.

Four honorable mentions @ $25.00

For additional information please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage !!

General rules for all Painting Exchanges:

1. Must be a Current Member, unless otherwise noted on the Schedule.

2. No Nudes.

3. Do not re-enter a painting that has previously won at the TI Art Guild.

4. No painting older than 2 years.

5. Painting must be properly framed, must not exceed 42” wide including frame, and must be wired for hanging.

"Ikebana" (Japanese floral studies)

with Ruth Philipon

"January 12th 2012, 10am – 12:30pm and continuing every 2nd Thursday of the month"

* - * - * - * - *
This “Still Life” class is going to be a challenge. Ikebana arrangements (Japanese floral studies), different objects, materials from other countries, sculptures, driftwood, seasonal arrangements and sometimes limited color palettes.

You decide on your medium – pastels, watercolour, acrylics or oil paints & size of composition.

Come with enthusiasm, excitement & your individual talents.

Ruth Philipon

* - * - * - * - *
Fee: $6 members and $8 non-members Our policy “first workshop free” will not apply to this workshop.

"The Impressionist Palette Workshop"

By: Julie Hanson

Monday, January 23rd, 10am-4pm, Garden Room at the TI Community Center

Julie Hanson’s demonstration in October drew a lot of excitement and several requests for a workshop. Julie studied her schedule and found us a date. We have reserved the Garden Room at the TI Community Center for Monday, January 23rd, 10am-4pm for this workshop. The fee will be $50. Mark your calendar for this vibrant workshop.

Make check payable to TI Art Guild and mail to:

Colleen Ward
6069 Dartmouth Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Please specify Julie Hanson Workshop on your check. (Our policy “first workshop free” will not apply to this workshop.)

"Thank You TIAG"

On December 22nd the Bay Pines VA Veterans enjoyed participating in the Stil Life Workshop. Thank you TIAG members for setting this up for them. The Veterans will be returning for another workshop on January 26th. Also, during the workshop Secret Santa “Karen” brought them stockings full of gifts. It was an awesome surprise for the Veterans.

Kathryn Vanasse,

Scholarship Chairman

"Watercolor Workshop"

By: Anne Abgott

Date: February 6th, 10am-4pm Location: TI City Hall, Fee: $50

Make check payable to TI Art Guild and mail to:

Colleen Ward
6069 Dartmouth Ave. N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Please specify Anne Abgott workshop on your check. (Our policy “first workshop free” will not apply to this workshop.)

Please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage for details of other workshops!!

Open position for:


Dear friends,

I am taking this method to inform the board that I am stepping back from my position as Exhibition Installer , a post I have served the Art Guild for over a decade.

I only wish I could continue for another twenty! However the time has come when I feel the “baton has to be passed”.

Whoever takes my place will find themselves in an enviable position in that the Exhibition Installer is offered the opportunity to see at close hand the excellent art work of our gifted artists.

The task of Exhibition Installer offers an opportunity to examine at close range each piece of art rendered by our members in all its variety of styles. A study of this art in all its forms was an important part of my education, a cherished learning experience of great value to me.

I thank you for the opportunity you have given me to serve you, I have enjoyed every precious minute.

George Avery

A Gentle (but firm) Reminder!!

We ask that you kindly turn off your cell phones when attending Treasure Island Art Guild activities.

Also, it is critical that you not linger in the rear of the room chatting while our demonstrators are engaged.

If you are not going to stay for the presentations, we ask that you leave quietly & quickly so as not to disturb those who wish to participate. Please no talking in the kitchen during art demonstrations. Silence is important throughout the building. Please do not get offended if you are asked to be silent.


My thanks for the beautiful December table so full we could not have squeezed on any more treats! There were Swedish meatballs that disappeared before my eyes, pasta with shrimp salad, Greek salad, green bean salad, Jello salad, party rye, cookies, cake, fudge, and the lemon bars, oh my! Olives and wine and sweet potato casserole (one of my personal favorites), egg rolls with sweet and sour sauce to die for (my other personal favorite) and dips and spreads and chips, salsa and chips, ambrosia, fruit and walnut bars and coleslaw galore and deviled eggs for everyone, pizza pie, German potato salad, wedding cake cookies, fruits and cheese, brownies, Christmas candies in a Santa hat!

For those that cooked, we so much appreciate it. For those that brought their favorite treat from the market, we loved them too. And, for those whose dishes went so fast I never saw them, Bravo!

Special thanks to all who helped me out this year. Some provided wisdom from years past, some helped with decorating, cooking and serving. A special thank you to those who helped clean up. I hope that you all enjoyed the fellowship as much as I did.

Our pantry is so much richer, with knives, serving spoons, plates, a beautiful punch bowl, thank you so much. We still need serving spoons and baskets, salt and pepper shakers, corkscrew, party and serving items to make our tables sparkle, so think of us when Spring cleaning those cupboards.

Pat Marklin, Hospitality Chairman


This Art Guild website has been developing over the past 18 months or so with very little feedback from members and the public to know what you like or dislike. It is time for you to have your say. For example would you like to see the website rearrange to help you find things? It would be most interesting to hear from those of you looking at the website from outside the State of Florida for example. All comments will be greatly appreciated just send them along to:

Many thanks.

Dues for 2012

The year 2012 has arrived
*** All TIAG memberships expired on December 31 2011 ***
. If you have not already renewed, please send your $30.00 dues
made out to "Treasure Island Art Guild" to:

Ken Fallender
1006 LaJolla Ave
Sun City Center FL 33573

or pay in person at the painting exchange/board meeting on Thursday, Jan 5 2012 or at the reception on Saturday, Jan 14, 2012. See the "Art Guild Show Schedule" webpage below for details of times etc.

If you mail a check, you will receive your membership card for the new year in the return mail if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment; otherwise your card will be enclosed in the next newsletter. A paid-up membership is required for the January show and for the February show the entry is $10.00 for members and $20.00 for non-members.

Happy painting.

See: membership application form for details.

Also visit our Art Guild Show Schedule webpage !!

Thank you to all who contributed to this newsletter.

This newsletter was compiled by Pat Marklin & Paul Shann

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