The above photo shows art in progress at the Art Guild picnic last October.

This artwork by those present will be on display during our:

Holiday Party on Saturday, December 10th at 12 noon in the City auditorium.

See more details of our Holiday Party below.


By Arlene Kitchin

This Workshop will feature Robert Simone teaching Seascapes and Landscapes. Robert works in oils, but any medium is welcome. Cost: $10 Members/ $12 Non-Members. The Art Guild policy “first workshop free” will not apply to this workshops.

Wednesday, Dec. 7th at The TI Community Center in the Garden Room, located on 106th Ave. behind Walgreens. 9:30AM-noon. He likes to teach plein aire, so anyone who would like to work outside, may do so, but he has assured me he can conduct a divided class - inside and outside. Hoping for a good turn out for this workshop.

Materials list for Seascapes/Landscapes at the TI Community Center with Robert J. Simone December 7, 2011 9:30am – noon This materials list is for oil paints. All mediums are welcome, so this list should help you determine what to bring if working in another medium.

Subject Matter - For seascape and landscape painting, bring several photo references of at least 8x10 inches. No small snapshots please. Digital photos on your laptop are best. They should also be photos you took yourself.

If you choose to paint plein air, you will be able to set up outside on the grounds of TICC. Bring all you need to be prepared for that. Painting Grounds - Bring at least one canvas or panel of your choice. No smaller than 9x12 no larger than 16x20. Use any brand you prefer. He uses Classens C12 Landscape Painting Linen purchase online from Wind River Arts.

Paints - Bring a warm and cool of each primary. Any brand you prefer. His basic palette is as follows:

· Ultramarine Deep

· Cerulean Blue

· Quinacridone Red

· Cadmium Yellow Pale

· Permanent Red Light

· Cadmium Yellow Lemon

· Titanium White

Optional colors: ·

. Viridian

· ransparent Oxide Red .

At the bare minimum you need three primaries plus white. If you choose to go that way get:

· Ultramarine

· Cad Red Medium

· Cad Lemon

· Titanium White

Medium and Solvent - Gamsol Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS) or equivalent artist grade OMS. Painting mediums such as liquin or stand oil help regulate drying time and viscosity. They are useful but not necessary. If you want to bring it to try it, fine. If not you can paint without it.

Brushes - Hog Bristle Flats (2) each of sizes 4, 6, 8, 10. Use any brand you like. (I use Trekell Brand purchased online from Trekell.) Easel & Palette -

Easels will be brought from City Hall and will be available in the classroom. If you want to paint outside you need to bring a suitable plein air easel. PLEASE NO PAPER PALETTES. Please use a wood, masonite or plexiglass palette.

Miscellaneous Supplies - 8oz. or 20 oz. Brush Washer: This is a stainless steel, sealable, leak proof jar designed for Mineral Spirits. It has a stainless steel screen in the cup for cleaning brushes. Viva half size paper towels, Johnson & Johnson hand lotion (good for cleaning oil paint off of your hands).

Please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage for details of other workshop!!

"Ikebana" (Japanese floral studies) Workshop

Arranged and lead by Ruth Philipon

Every second Thursday of the month - 10am till 12:30 pm, at the Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Avenue. Fee: $6 members and $8 non-members. The Art Guild policy “first workshop free” will not apply to these workshops.

Please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage for details of other workshop!!


By: Pat Marklin

The Treasure Island Art Guild will accept paintings for its December show on Thursday Dec. 1 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at The Treasure Island City Hall, 120 -108 Avenue. Members may enter up to two paintings. If you are not a member we invite you to become one and enter the show.

The reception for the winners and potluck Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 10th at 12 noon in the auditorium.

There will be a fundraising sale too! So don't miss out on all the fun which includes the Holiday Sale. We will offer hand painted gift cards with envelopes, some decorated gift bags, and homemade candy and cookies available for sale to help support our scholarship fund.

Party Volunteers Needed! This Holiday Buffet Luncheon begins at 12 Noon, December 10th in the City Auditorium. The Art Guild supplies the entertainment and meats, cheeses, punch and tea & coffee. The entry fee to our lovely party is your bringing a dish to share for our holiday table.

Homemade or store-bought dishes, family favorites are especially welcome. Bring your recipes too, which may be requested from me by e-mail. We welcome pasta dishes, casseroles, side dishes, vegetable or fruit plates, sandwiches, salads, wine, soda or deserts. Not a member? Come anyway, be our guest! Just carry in a dish to share and enjoy our holiday festivity. Music, delightful food, beautiful works of art - who knows, you might want to become a member!

Award ribbons will be given out for the December Show and there will be a short business meeting. This is a fun luncheon and a chance to get to see all our members and friends.

Needs? The hospitality committee has need for a punch bowl, a sharp knife, cutting board or mat, serving spoons, platters, a pitcher, salt and pepper shakers, centerpieces, holiday tablecloths, small bowls for condiments. If you can spare any one of these items or pick them up at a garage sale to donate, it would be very much appreciated. For more information call Pat Marklin at 360-2958 or email her at:


by Luba Robinson

Add to the festivities of the season with a visit to the Treasure Island Community Center where the work of award winning Treasure Island Art Guild members, Sheila Crain, Joseph Martin, George Greenfield, Kathryn Vanasse, and Gay Womack is now being exhibited through January 4, 2012.

A passion for working in oils developed as Shiela Crain studied art in various media abroad. A soft touch with a harmonious palette of colors exhibit her talent in the placid " Sunrise on Tampa Bay". Realism in "Groom Time" and "Lowry Park" give us a taste of paradise in Florida. A glowing ultramarine blue wave, with its' tonal quality, pulls the viewers' eye into "Ocean".

A blend of digital photography and artistic ability define the art of Joseph Martin. Less is more in the simplicity of "Red Boats", brought to life with a splash of brilliant color. "Coming About" and more notably "Lily", are bathed in glowing saturated hues. A painterly effect in "Panama" showcases the artists' mastery of his technique.

More examples of fine digital art gives us artist George Greenfield whose instructors include world class photographers. Incandescent "Peppers" stimulates the eye and palette with its' bold use of yellows and reds."Red and Green Stems" transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and a surreal journey of color walks us through a forest of "Purple Leaves" and Floral Fantasy".

Talented artist Kathryn Vanasse works in watercolor, acrylic, and clay sculpting, all of which led her to teaching our veterans at Bay Pines VA Hospital. Her versatility shines in a mixed media abstract, "City Life" and in acrylic "The Many Layers of a Mans' Journey". "The Storm", a blue gray watercolor of the sea and sky gives us a sense of the sailboats' impending danger. Acrylic "Florida Lighthouse" combines traditional with a touch of the contemporary.

Delight in the oil paintings of impressionist Gay Womack whose extensive training and teaching experience is evident as she skillfully combines form, color, and light in "Flowers in a Brass Pot", "Pottery with Crotons", and "The Long Brass Flower Pot". Especially luminous is "Yellow Flowers" where she plays the brilliant cool hues against the warm.

Our Community Center is located on 106th Avenue, just east of Gulf Boulevard. Call the Recreation Center 547-4575 Ext. 238 for hours of operation.

Please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage for details of other workshops!!

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