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JUNE 2011 Newsletter


Leah Augustine With over 60 artists in attendance and the mayor of Treasure Island Bob Minning on May 14 The Art Guild held its last meeting of the spring season. The purpose of the meeting was to install new officers of the guild, give the awards for the winners of the May show and to give our annual $1500.00 scholarship award. The Art Guild has given this award for many years. It is funded through several fundraisers we have during the year. Most of our artists participate in these one way or the other. This is our way of giving back to the community. We are very proud of this.

This year scholarship receiver is Leah Augustine of Safety Harbor Florida. She came to the meeting with her proud parents Michael and Nga Kim Augustine and a friend William O’Donovan. Leah brought with her several examples of her work. By judging it is easy to see how talented she is. Leah attended Palm Harbor University High School as a part of the medical magnet program. Two of her teachers Mrs. Silvernell and Mr. Jenkins who teach photography, drawing and painting have helped to inspire her to pursue art as a career. She writes, “They both have been an integral aspect in helping me improve my craft and realize my potential”.

Leah applied and was accepted at 7 colleges. She will be attending The University of Florida this summer for her first two years. Then she may transfer to either Savannah College of Art and Design or The Maryland Institute of Art. She plans to major in visual arts, Photography or a double major in Photography and Anthropology.

All the members of The Art Guild wish her well.

2011 Scholarship award with Colleen Ward

Leah Augustine with Colleen Ward,Chairperson of the Art Guild Scholarship Fund.


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Treasure Island Art Guild,

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the Treasure Island Art Guild for honoring me with its 2011 Scholarship Award.

The Scholarship’s monetary value will help me immensely in my studies of the Fine Arts. Even more important to me, is the validation of my hard work that this Award represents. To be recognized and honored by the art community is for me simultaneously humbling and a great joy.

Again, I want to thank everyone at the Treasure Island Art Guild for this honor. I am looking forward to my career pursuit in the Fine Arts, and this Scholarship is helping to make my dreams possible.

Thank you for this recognition.


Leah Augustine

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