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Art work is to be from the 3 Art Guild Workshops. Work can be done completely in a workshop or any amount remaining maybe finished outside the workshop and this is also acceptable. Show name: TRIM IMAGES

Members are permitted up to 2 entries from each Workshop they attended. Yes! 6 entries per member is possible, $2 per entry.

Exchange date 3/31/2011 Meeting and ribbons awarded 4/9/2011

Judged by all membership attending the 4/9/2011 meeting. Three votes for $1 which goes to our scholarship fund. Paintings will be numbered and each Member votes for First Place, Second Place & Third Place.

Suggested guidelines for judging that members might like to use:

Select up to 8 pictures, assign each selection a total numeric value from 1-10 based on the following:

1. Is it well done? (Color, tone and value contrast)

2. Does it convey a mood? Have emotional impact?

3 Is it a good composition? Center of interest – color harmony?

4. Does it display good technique? Does it show mastery of the medium?

5. Does the work display originality? Is it a creative medium?

6. Does the frame complement or detract from the artwork?

After judging and the monthy awards there will also be an art demonstration by a professional artist and you are encouraged to bring in refreshments to share. Members of the public are welcome at no charge.


This Scholarship Buffet Luncheon starts at 12 Noon, May 14th 2011 in the City Auditorium. The Art Guild supplies the meat, cheese, tea & coffee. Members are to bring pasta, soup, salads (Potato, Spinach, Italian, Greek, Tuna, Egg, etc) & deserts. Award ribbons will be given out for the May Show along with awarding the lucky student a Scholarship from the Art Guild. This is a fun luncheon to get to meet all our members, guests and our 2011 Scholarship winner.


The Art Guild is starting a basic drawing and painting class beginning Monday April 4 from 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. The cost is $30.00 for 6 weeks or $5.00 per class. They will be held in The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Ave. The general public are invited.

Supplies needed:

Sketch pad at least 9 x 12

3 pencils: 1HB, 2B & 4B

2 erasers: one Pink, one Kneaded.

For any painting media, a basic starter set.

Call Fred at 360 8390 for more details & to answer questions.


Saturday April 16 2011

PAINT THE TREASURES OF TREASURE ISLAND ! On Saturday April 16 2011 at the Treasure Island Community Center, Gazebo, members can sign up (at no cost) to paint throughout the city at 9am. They return to the Community Center by 1pm to assist in setting up their work for public viewing & sale at 2pm. Members can sign up in advance for an easel, if they need one. Each member may bring up to three additional works to augment the variety of art for display and sale.

The public will be encouraged to participate at the 2pm viewing and sale. Members are requested to remain in attendance in order to offer any comments about their art work.

Please contact Peter Garino 345 4150 for further details or email to:

From Bruce Kotchey

1st Place winner March 2011

When I started doing artwork about 12 years ago, I took a drawing class at the Dunedin Art Center. There I found I could draw. So, for the next four to five years I did colored pencil drawing until I finally needed to “loosen up” a bit. After a couple of experimental water media classes, I felt loose and then got into collages and even stone sculpting and hand-building clay. Finally, about four years ago, I found acrylic paint. Wow, I was in love.

I find acrylics quick, easy and adaptable. But it takes experimenting with brushes, colors, layering, styles and diversity. I will make pictures of fruit for a while, then landscapes, then combine with collage, then Asian inspired pieces. Nothing is safe. I will scour magazines for inspiration. I will look at a picture and see something in the corner that catches my eye and use that as a base.

I have been awarded numerous ribbons at many of our local art centers, but my biggest thrill is making gifts for friends and relatives. Letting them choose from my stack of work and seeing just what piece they like best is amazing. If you are an artist, you know what I’m talking about. Have fun and try it all.

In addition, I am a native of Pittsburgh. I went to Ohio University then earned a masters degree in Public Relations from Ball State University. I served seven years in the Air Force and worked for GTE for 20 years and the Pinellas Arts Council for 12 years. I retired four years ago.


Tapping into your Creativity

By Anne Walker, M.Ed - Art Guild March 2011 Demonstrator

"I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it." Pablo Picasso. One of the main differences between you and Pablo is not talent but the belief you can do and the willingness to try. The path to creativity is being willing to take the spiritual journey to tap into you true self and break the many obstacles we put in our own way.

Through the use of negative self talk, we often block our ability to use our imagination, capture new ideas, try new things and gain confidence in being creative.

Here are several excuses that hinder our creativity:

• It’s too late, I can’t learn that.

• I don’t have any real talent any way.

• My family and friends will think I am crazy.

• I will never be as good as……

• I should be more sensible and practical.

• I can’t afford the : time, money, tools, to explore my passion

Here are 10 things you can start today to begin to develop your creative self:

• Listen to music, read a book, notice the sunsets, so to the beach. Exercise and stimulate your brain.

• Take a weekly walk. Set out for a good twenty-minute ramble. Where you walk doesn’t matter. Go far enough that you feel both your body and mind open up. You may discover that you like walking very much and you enjoy doing it more than once a week. Exercise definitely helps you metabolize creativity into your DNA.

• Treat yourself once a week to take yourself on an artist trip: museum, art store, theatre that will stimulate your mind and feed your self-esteem.

• Give yourself permission to daydream and write them down every day.

• Don’t watch TV it puts the brain to sleep.

• Go find others who are interested in what you want to do and explore with them how they got started.

• Several forms of meditation deep breathing, visualization, yoga, or other types are useful for stilling yourself and hearing your inner voice.

• Everything you encounter can be inspiration. What you love, are passionate about, and excites can be something that will foster creativity.

• Experience something new every day, be curious, take a class and get moving.

• Reflect, journal and record what you see, think and experience. It is all about increasing your awareness of your environment and finding your passion!


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