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Thank you Patricia McEntire for your service.

Patricia McEntire has resigned as President of the Treasure Island Art Guild after a very successful term. Patricia, who recently lost her dear husband, has found a job and is not available for the board meetings.

She has been a valuable asset to the Guild and we will miss having her as our President.

The good news is, Fred Wilder, our VP will be taking over as President for the remainder of the term. There will be elections in May, and a new President will be found at that time. Anyone who is interested may apply to Fred.

Arlene Kitchin

Thank you Patricia for contributing the “Rose” art work at the top of this Newsletter.


By Fred Wilder

Paintings will be accepted from members of The Art Guild for its March show on Thursday March 3 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. If you are not a member we invite you to become one. Bring up to two paintings to The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Ave. at 1 p.m. on March 12 at the same place there will be a reception for the winners of the show. There will be an art demonstration by a professional artist. Refreshments will be served.

The Art Guild also has three workshops weekly: Anything Goes on Wednesday, Still Life on Thursday and Portrait on Friday with a live model. For more information call Fred at 360 8390


Contributions by: E. Patricia Harnedy, Chairman of Exhibitions & Eleanor Harmon Adamo,Chairperson Ways & Means Committee.

March Members Show & Meeting:

Show name: SPRING ZING, Judged by 3 members

Exchange date: 3/3/2011

Meeting and ribbons awarded 3/12/2011, this meeting will have a Big Flea Market to support the Scholarship Fund. The Flee Market welcomes slightly used art supplies, books, treasure items, frames but no clothes, please. Bring your check books and/or dollars to the meeting. Donations to the Scholarship Fund are most welcomed. This is a way for us to give back to our community. See last year’s Scholarship Recipient webpage.

April Members Show & Meeting:

Art work is to be from the 3 workshops. Work can be done completely in a workshop or any amount remaining maybe finished outside the workshop and this is also acceptable. Show name: TRIM IMAGES

Exchange date 3/31/2011 Meeting and ribbons awarded 4/9/2011

Judged by all membership attending the 4/9/2011 meeting. Three votes for $1 which goes to our scholarship fund.


The Art Guild is starting a basic drawing and painting class beginning Monday April 4 from 9:30 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. The cost is $30.00 for 6 weeks or $5.00 per class. They will be held in The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Ave. The general public are invited.

Call Fred at 360 8390 for list of materials needed for the class.


By Paul Shann

Over the last few months it is becoming clearer to me that when one first wakes up do something creative. Draw a picture from a window, scribble on paper and see where that leads or write something down that shows appreciation. This then sets the stage for the day ahead. Just the process of expressing oneself each morning for a short period is all it seems to take.

If you do choose to write, they say at some point you may discover something you really like. If it is suitable to share with the Art Guild, finish it with a title and send it via email to this Newsletter. As Eleanor Adamo wrote last month "Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang Best" by: Henry VanDyke

Thank you George Avery for your creative writing “OCTOGENARIAN” below.


By George Avery

A few random thoughts gleaned from the experiences of an artistic octogenarian.

How fortunate I am to have been blest with art as a hobby. Now in my later years, those exhaustive activities that I engaged in my youth are passing into the realm of memory, where only echo’s exist. The crucible of “World War Two” combat behind me.

No more hiking mountain trails while listening to rumbling thunder, no more swimming across swift moving rivers. But the ability to put paint on canvas remains strong, undiminished and growing daily blessedly affording me an opportunity to grow and excel despite my advanced years in an activity as, I think, no other hobby can.

I encourage friends and foe to take up painting as a hobby for the joys you will experience in your later years when other abilities recede.


PAINT THE TREASURES OF TREASURE ISLAND ! On Saturday April 16 2011 at the Treasure Island Community Center, Gazebo, members can sign up (at no cost) to paint throughout the city at 9am. They return to the Community Center by 1pm to assist in setting up their work for public viewing & sale at 2pm. Members can sign up in advance for an easel, if they need one. Each member may bring up to three additional works to augment the variety of art for display and sale.

The public will be encouraged to participate at the 2pm viewing and sale. Members are requested to remain in attendance in order to offer any comments about their art work.

Please contact Peter Garino 345 4150 for further details or email to:


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