February - Judge and Demonstrator

Ruth Wedgwood Philipon is our judge for the February 12th show (1:00pm City Hall). She will also do a critique of every artist's work that enters the show as our demonstration for the meeting.

Ruth lives in Treasure Island but is a native of Toronto, Canada. She went to England as a young child. Her post-secondary education took place in England, Mexico, France and at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

Her art work has been exhibited at many galleries and museums in the United States, England, Europe and Japan.

Of particular interest, was an exhibition at the Florida Senate Capitol Building in Tallahassee.

In November 2010, Ruth was featured as artist of the month at the Morean Arts Center in St Petersburg, FL. We are honored to have Ruth Philipon as our judge and demonstrator/artist for our February show.

E. Patricia Harnedy, Chairman of Exhibitions

(Many thanks Ruth for your artwork above.)


By Fred Wilder

The Art Guild is having a money prize show. The Guild will be awarding $400.00 in prizes to the winners of its February art show. The show is open to all. Bring one painting to The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Avenue February 3rd between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. The entry fee is $10.00 for members and $20.00 Non-members. We invite you to join the Art Guild. Membership is only $30.00 yearly. On Saturday February 12th @ 1p.m we will have a reception for the winners at the same place & an art demonstration by a Ruth Wedgwood Philipon. Refreshments will be served.


By Mary Marsh

The Art Guild of Treasure Island opens 2011 with a new show at our Community Center. On display through March 3rd are the works of members: Eleanor Adamo, Carolyn Beard, Aleida Mehalko, Frank Saso and Colleen Ward.

ELEANOR ADAMO, working in watercolors, first shows us her humor in "King," an athletic red parrot climbing a ladder and then her colorful "Anthuriam" as well as "Storm Off the Cape." On a more symbolic note, her "Deliverance" depicts the ancient struggle to escape worldly burdens to reach eternal life.

CAROLYN BEARD loves color, evidenced by a still-life composition, "Beach Hat and Sandals;" a water view of the "St. Petersburg Yacht Club," and her "Cottages, Pass-a-Grille." Lastly in "Red Roof, Pass-a-Grille," Carolyn creates a pleasing composition that sets a red roof against the bold, blue water.

ALEIDA MEHALKO student of the late Ed Bookmyer, offers the viewer her beautiful watercolors: "Marble Head Lighthouse" at sunset, a frigid "Winter In Vermont," and an impressive "Paterson N.J. Falls." Finally is her "Walt's At John's Pass," a local landmark with character and weathered siding.

FRANK SASO, well known for his commercial and fine art, brings us three colorful Caribbean acrylics: "Dockside On the Island," "Island Treasures" and "Off the Main Road." Each of these show Frank's gift for strong composition, value and color, as does Tortolla, BVI," but this is one is exquisitely painted in colored pencil.

COLLEEN WARD brings us four colorful pastels: "St. Martin School Girl," "Serengeti Morning" and "Dog Days at the City Pool" capturing her dog's joy in the water. In "Macinaw Butterflies" Colleen effectively places black and white butterflies feasting on white flowers, against a dark background.

Plan to see our show located on 106th Avenue, one block east of Gulf Blvd.. Call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.


By Fred Wilder

The Art Guild received an update from Rebekah Kirkman our recipient of last year’s scholarship award. She is enrolled at Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore. Her first year classes were Painting II, Drawing I and Finding Baltimore. She writes, “I really feel I learned a lot in each class.”

Rebekah’s course in Finding, Baltimore, is leading her to participate in The Community Arts Partnership at MICA. She is thrilled at the thought of working with the community art programs.

As with all college students she is thinking of changing her major from Illustration to a General Fine Arts major with a concentration in Illustration. This is a good choice since she writes, “I want to be well rounded in many different disciplines.”

The Art Guild made a good choice in picking Rebekah for the Scholarship Award. She will do well in her endeavors


By Stephanie Kolman


Seize the day as an artist would.

When waking up,

Use your window as a frame to view the birthing world

Each day.

Pretend you want to paint the view.

Every day is new

As seen through painters eyes.


And take that moment,

Before moving on

And into life.


Appreciate the gift

Of starting new

Each day

In such a pleasant way.


About this poem, I tend to do this every day, even if subconsciously. I had read somewhere about an artist who decided to make a small sketch/painting from her window every morning when she first got up. She was amazed to discover that she had 365 different sketches. It is a lovely thing to discover how beautiful each day is, sort of a quiet "aha" moment. Maybe it is a northern thing. I don't remember the days changing much in Florida when we lived there for seven years in St. Pete.

my best,


Stephanie lived here six or seven years ago and came to the workshop with Jean Grastorf.


By Paul Shann

I see developing a website as an art form much like painting or digital photography once one gets past the mechanics of the process. Without the interaction of members of the Art Guild that contribute so much to our website, I could not create this art form.

I know we all have very different talents. I see members & guests taking advantage of many opportunities to express their creativity within other art community, through involvement in various committees. Being a "mentor for the day" at our workshops or an occasional assistant to a committee member, not only benefits us all but is very rewarding. These expressions of our talents are then reflected in the life and emotions of our Art work.

As you read in last month’s Newsletter a summary of some of these opportunities were discussed but as artists we are not limited to that discussion.

New Membership Committee Members

Arlene Kitchin, Jerry Palmer and Alice Avery have volunteered to assist in the operation of the Membership Committee. Arlene and Jerry will act as Assistant Chairpeople and Alice will help with new members who have questions which she will address. During times when the chairman is unable to attend meetings or receptions, they will be able to give reports and help in registering new members. They will also be nearby in the summer for new members. This should help streamline the Membership Committee efforts.

Ken Fallender, Membership Chairman

Think Ides of March!

By: Eleanor Harmon Adamo,

Chairperson Ways & Means Committee

March 12, 2011 is the Final Fund Raiser for TI The Art Guild to support the Scholarship Fund. At the March General Art Guild meeting we will have a Big Flea Market to end the season. The Flee Market welcomes slightly used art supplies, books, treasure items, frames but no clothes, please. Bring your check books and/or dollars to the meeting. Donations to the Scholarship Fund are most welcomed.

Listen Artists: "Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang Best.... Henry VanDyke"


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