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First time visitors can attend all three workshops just once without charge. Visiting a workshop before attending is encouraged but not required. They can come in and ask questions, sit in and watch. If they are interested in painting for the first time they can bring their supplies or a starter kit of their choice. There is no instructor/tutor, only friendly faces and conversation. Members are encouraged to bring visitors.

Members can now print out an Art Guild Workshop Poster and attach it to a bulletin board at a Condo, Church, Library, Supermarket, Book Store or other visible locations.


By: Peter Garino
Saturday April 16 2011 starting at 9am

Treasure Island Community Center, Gazebo

Members will sign up for the event at the Gazebo by the Community Center, in the park at 9am. Be issued an exhibition number before dispersing throughout the community. They will return to the Community Center by 1pm to assist in setting up their work. Easels will be provided for those who do not have one. Each member may bring up to three additional works to augment the variety of art for display and sale.

Public Participation:
The event will be open for public viewing and sale at 2pm. Members are requested to remain in attendance in order to offer any comments about their art work.

The Community Center has complete facilities including kitchen, refrigeration and rest rooms. The extent of the facilities is dependent upon the extent of the Art Guild involvement.

Let’s have the public determine the ribbon winners.

Art work on display at the
Treasure Island Welcome Center !

The Treasure Island Chamber of Commerce Welcome Center on 107th Avenue, just south west of the clock tower and close to Gulf Blvd is open on a trial basis for November & December on Saturdays & Sundays from 10am to 2pm.

It is being run by the Art Guild Coordinator Bruce Fallender and volunteers from the Treasure Island Art Guild. If you wish to exhibit at the Welcome Center you must be a member of the Art Guild and you must volunteer some time to help keep the Welcome Center Open.

Future plans at this Welcome Center could include demonstrations, lectures, workshops & spotlight artists on a regular basic.

Bruce Fallender currently has a one-man show on display of over 70 works of art. The response from tourists, residents and local merchants has been encouraging. For further information about exhibiting at the Welcome Center please stop in at the Welcome Center and give Bruce Fallender your support or call him at 813 633 0875. Make sure you leave your name and telephone number if he is not in and he will get back with you. This is a wonderful opportunity for all members of the Art Guild.


By Fred Wilder

The Treasure Island Art Guild will accept paintings for its December show on Thursday Dec. 2 between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at The Treasure Island City Hall, 120 108 Avenue. Members may enter up to two paintings. If you are not a member we invite you to become one and enter the show. The reception for the winners and potluck Christmas party will be on Saturday, December 11th at 12 noon at the same place. We will be selling decorated sealed bags filled with goodies to help support our scholarship fund. For more information call Fred at 360 8390.

Editor’s notes: This Holiday Buffet Luncheon starts at 12 Noon, December 11th in the City Auditorium. The Art Guild supplies the meat, cheese, tea & coffee. Members are to bring pasta, soup, salads (Potato, Spinach, Italian, Greek, Tuna, Egg, etc) & deserts. Award ribbons will be given out for the November Show along with a short business meeting. Holiday items will be for sale & decorated brown bags will be auctioned in aid of our Scholarship fund. This is a fun luncheon to get to see all our members.

The talent of five Treasure Island Art Guild members
are on display at our Community Center !

Contributed by Luba Robinson

We present George Avery, Linda Critser, Arlene Kitchin, Jerry Palmer and Jeanne Sarkis. The exhibit will run through December 28, 2010.

A child like imagination rules in the enchanting art of multi award winning oil painter George Avery. “Every Blooming Thing”, “Enchanted Forest” and “Rush Hour” gives us bright colors and unique renditions of life on planet Earth. After you have experienced the delightful “Undercover Birds” you will never look at our feathered friends the same way again.

A self taught watercolor artist, Linda Critser exhibits her floral painting talent in “Orange Bird of Paradise”. Enjoy “Pink Tulips” as it captures the translucent quality of her medium. She shows her sensitivity to color and form in “White Lilies” and “White Bird of Paradise”. She has exhibited her work in several shows and has won many awards.

Arlene Kitchins’ “Tulips” in watercolor and an acrylic “In the Still of the Night” show us her ability to work in a variety of media. Her watercolors “At Days End”, with its’ cumulous clouds and blue green sea, gives us a perfect sailing day and the charm of “ Suze’s Porch” invites the viewer to stay awhile and enjoy the bouquet of fresh cut flowers.

Jerry Palmer’s passion for painting brought her to classes at the Manatee Art Center in Bradenton. She prefers pastels as her medium. Her delight in painting character studies is reflected in “Spunky Young Navajo” and “Good Mornin’ ”. Strong contrasts in color and shape give us a taste of “French Market”. “Retrievin’ ” shows soft water reflections with subtle gradations of tone and a pet in hopes for another toss.

The proficiency of oil painter Jeanne Sarkis is evident in “Feathers and Pride”where dramatic use of values and color captures the spirit of this portrait. Skillful composition in “Coast of Maine” and the weathered beachhouse in “Waiting on Plum Island” scripts the beauty and character of our countrys’ northeast shore. Sense the drama in the “Waiting Game” as the Tiger stalks its’ prey.

Our Community Center is located on 106th Avenue, just east of Gulf Boulevard. Call 547-4575 ext.238 for hours of operation.

Editors notes: The artwork at the top of this webpage is “Enchanted Forest” by George Avery on display currently at the Community Center.


Duties would be to assist in preparing and submitting newsletter and website articles, as well as anything related to our shows.

Take over awards presentation when the chairman is not available at our monthly meeting.

Attendance at board meetings would be helpful.

Be in charge of monthly judging when necessary. This is usually done after our board meeting on the first Thursday of the month or the next morning.

If you are interested in this position, Please reply to Exhibition Chairman:

Thank you for your interest,

Evelyn Patricia Harnedy, Exhibition Chairman

Reminder: 2010 membership runs out
December 31st

By: Ken Fallender

The membership year for the first time will begin on January 1st and end on December 31st. It would be helpful if you could pay your dues in early December to avoid mail delays associated with the holidays.

New membership cards are being printed to reflect date changes and will be distributed as soon as they are printed. Those of you who have already paid your dues are on the list to receive your card as soon as possible.

See: membership application form & fees

Christmas Message

By Paul Shann: Website Chairperson

Many thanks to all our members who have contributed to this December Newsletter and special thanks to those of you who have sent in material for the first time. Let us continue this momentum into the New Year!

At this time of the year I would like to extend a special thanks to all those who have worked on our new website since we started the project back in May, am sure you are proud of what we have accomplished. Lily Goldman was the first to have her artwork on the website in June of this year.

Members are very appreciative of Joe Martin's photographs each month, so thank you Joe for all your work over the years.

The January Newsletter comes out just after Christmas Day and articles are being accepted right now, so please start sending in your contributions so we will be ready for our Snow Birds and our new members.

Let me wish you all a happy holiday season & creative New Year. I do enjoy being a part of the Art Guild, and thank you for your encouragement.

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