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Guests/visitors can attend all three workshops just once without charge. Visiting a workshop before attending is encouraged but not required. They can come in and ask questions, sit in and watch. If they are interested in painting for the first time they can bring their supplies or a starter kit of their choice. There is no instructor/tutor, only friendly faces and conversation. Members are encouraged to bring guests.

“A Rose Art Show”

Hosted by Patricia McEntire, Art Guild President

The theme of this show is “A Rose” and all Art Guild members & guests are invited to show a piece inspired by this theme. Show dates are December 5th, 12th and 19th from 2PM until 6PM. Please call Patricia at 367-1207 for further details.

Help educate a young art student.

By: Eleanor Harmon Adamo, Chairperson
Ways & Means Committee

On December 11, 2010, the Art Guild will have its annual Holiday Luncheon at the Treasure Island City Hall. As part of this luncheon we will be selling “Decorated Paper Grab Bags” & wrapped or boxed Homemade Cookies &/or Candy. All proceeds will go to the 2011 SCHOLARSHIP FUND. Please visit our Scholarship Award web page and see the news report of the 2010 Scholarship Award. To get ready for this upcoming 2011 Scholarship event, Art Guild members are encouraged to show their artistic abilities and decorate one or more paper bags, putting in a small token or gift like cookies or candies. In addition you can also donate Homemade Cookies &/or Candy wrapped/boxed/priced ready for the event.

At the November 13th General Meeting Paper Bags will be available for you to start decorating.

"The Scholarship Is Important; Our future lies in our Educated Youth….please be generous …decorate a Bag, show us you artistic talent!"

Thanks to All:

Eleanor Harmon Adamo,

Other Ways & Means Committee members are:

Linda Critser, Annie Dwyer, Theo Janae, Sally Pierce & Grace Roth.


The website sections "Where and when does the Art Guild meet to do art?", "Workshops","Calendar of Events", "Map & Directions" are all under construction at this time. These web pages will be rearranged & re-titled after all the data is collected. Members are encouraged to keep sending in contributions so that this process can be finalized soon. Many thanks to those conscientious members who have sent in text ready to be uploaded to these web pages.


By Fred Wilder

The Art Guild of Treasure Island is privileged to have as it's demonstrator for November Chuck Hager. Chuck is originally from West Virginia, but now lives in St. Petersburg. Chuck started his art career in 1985. He began by exploring the realm of creative watercolor expressions in eastern Kentucky and southern Ohio. He began having workshops and giving demonstration in 1990.

Chuck has had several one-man exhibitions. He has taught classes at Beach Art Center and Pinellas Park Art Society. He has been in Outdoor Art Festivals such as Lake Wales, Spring Hill, Ocala, Palm Harbor, Mainsail and Art Harvest. In the last few years he has expanded into acrylic, abstract, collage and watercolor on yupo.

Evelyn Cobb Gallery, Vincent William Gallery, Pass A Grill Art Colony, Adrain Howard Gallery and Hobbs Gallery in Maine have represented his work. His work is in several collections local and internationally.

The Art Guild would be honored to have you as our guest to see this demonstration. It will be on November 13 at 1 p.m. at The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium, 120 108th Ave. Refreshment will be served. For more information call Fred at 360 8390.

TI-AG Show at the Community Center.

The Art Guild brings a colorful show to the Treasure Island Community Center every two months. The November/December show goes up November 4th. Please look for details in the December Newsletter. Our Community Center is located on 106th Avenue, just east of Gulf Boulevard. Call 547-4575 ext.238 for hours of operation.

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