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Art Guild Scholarship Award

Colleen Ward
Scholarship, Chairperson

Eleanor Harmon Adamo
Ways & Means Committee, Chairperson

The Art Guild is again offering this spring a Scholarship Award to a local art student. It is a way for our Art Guild to encourage our young artists and contribute back to our local community. The Ways & Means Committee are moving forward with various fundraisers to support this effort. All proceeds from these fundraisers will go directly to the Scholarship Fund.

  • OCTOBER 9,2010@1:00PM the ”ARTSY” Flea Market, this will take place in the Treasure Island City Hall, Auditorium, (Bring slightly used or new art supplies, magazines, books, but no clothing).

  • NOVEMBER 13, 2010 @1:00PM during the General Membership Meeting brown paper bags will be issued so members can decorate them and include a small token or gift in each bag for the SPECIAL HOLIDAY Mini Art Grab Bag Show on December 11th.

  • DECEMBER 11, 2010@1:00PM. SPECIAL HOLIDAY Mini Art Grab Bag Show, will take place in the Treasure Island City Hall, Auditorium. In addition (and new this year) will be a Holiday Home Made Cookie or Candy Sale. Members are encouraged to donate a half dozen homemade cookies or candy in individual bags, tins, or boxes and place price tag on each item, labeling them for the scholarship fund. More detailed explanation will be given in November.

  • MARCH 12, 2011 @1:00PM in the Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium will be our final fund raiser “FLEE” Market. Anything but clothing will go for this Final Sale.

As stated earlier ALL proceeds from these fundraisers will go to Scholarship Fund.

The Ways & Means Committee members are:

Eleanor Harmon Adamo, Linda Critser, Annie Dwyer, Theo Janae, Sally Pierce & Grace Roth.

- - - * * * - - -

Colleen Ward is the Scholarship Chairperson.

Colleen has put together the Scholarship Award webpage (with the assistance of the website administrators). She has also contacted the Pinellas County Schools so that students can start looking at our web site and downloading both the Scholarship Application form and a flier for the school notice board. The Scholarship was created to encourage and motivate students to strive for excellence in art.

Please be generous in supporting this worthy Art Scholarship Award!

Please visit the...Scholarship Award webpage
and see the news report of the 2010 Scholarship Award.

Art Guild Website

Throughout last summer our developmental website was being built on a donated server. Thanks to Fred Wilder for suggesting the Art Guild should have its own site and for George Avery for coming up with the name.

The Treasure Island Art Guild now has its very own website:
or: if you prefer.

Using some capital letters in the address will work just fine. The Internet address or URL is not case sensitive.

This is the Art Guild’s permanent Internet address now and should be bookmarked on your computer so that you can find it quickly.
Those who go to the old site will be transferred automatically to our new URL at:

Online Membership Application Form

The Membership Application Forms for both renewing membership and becoming a new member are now on line and can be printed out & mailed in. Membership Application Form 2011 .This gives the opportunity for individuals out of town to join before arriving and thus handing in paintings for an exhibition as soon as they arrive. New members who sign up now receive all the membership benefits till December 31, 2011. It is time for all of us to sign up now before we get involved with the Thanksgiving & Christmas Seasons!

Website Needs help from members:

  • Members are encouraged to help complete the web page “Where and when do we meet to do art”, please send in your contributions short or long. Here are just two examples:

    From the Anything Goes Workshop: At the end of each workshop we all line up our work on the counter against the wall, and critique each other’s work. It really helps, as lots of times, someone else will see something we've missed.

    A contribution from the Still life Workshop is that members & non-members are encouraged to bring a set-up. It is preferred to have two set-up's at each workshop, and recommended that each setup be brought back for a second week. This will give each artist one returning setup and one new setup each workshop. Painting easels & snacks are provided at City Hall.

  • Note that our future newsletters could contain details of each monthly art demonstrator's theme, plus a short discussion about the program and the demonstrator's art background.


    By Mary Marsh

    The members of the Art Guild of Treasure Island bring a colorful opening show to The Treasure Island Community Center.

    The ink-jet digital photographs of GEORGE GREENFIELD demand attention because of their brilliant colors and creative compositions. He offers "Undersea Fantasy," "Jungle Fantasy" and "Untitled." Perhaps his most intriguing entry is "Orchid Fantasy," filled with cerise petals and streamers against a background of rich blues and greens.

    CLAIRE PAULTRE brings us her clear, fresh watercolors in two serene landscapes, "Sunflower Field,” and "Causeway." In contrast, Claire uses warm, rich hues in "Still Life with Oleander" and, even more dramatically, for the appetizing "Choux Rouge." Here, in a strong composition, she captures a freshly picked bunch of green celery and deep red vegetables, grouped around a pewter pitcher.

    CURTIS SNEARY offers his Impressionistic acrylic paintings of St. Petersburg's downtown streets. He has two views of Central Avenue where lovely trees shade classic terra cotta-hued buildings. Curtis then takes the viewer to the park for an old "Beach Drive Hotel" and "Summer Bike Ride on Beach Drive" where he captures the sun-dappled grass of the waterfront park.

    RON REID, working in oil, introduces the viewers to his bold, direct style in "Peace" his strong portrait of Christ, as well as two large landscapes, "Florida" and "John's Pass." Lastly, Ron gives us an old farmhouse, an American flag and a puzzle in "Mending Fences" in which two young children and the family cow stare at the broken fence while parents stand at the window either weeping or maybe laughing?

    ROSEMARY UTZINGER shares memories of her European travels, well executed in oil. She captures a costumed Russian girl in "Oksana in the Garden," the warm red tiles in "Spanish Rooftops" and sunflowers in "Autumn's Reward." Rosemary's beautiful composition, "Morning Encounter," takes us to a French street scene with a man and woman silhouetted against the dark doorway of a sun-drenched building.

    Plan to see our show at the Community Center located on 106th Avenue, just one block east of Gulf Boulevard. Please call 547-4575 ext.#348 for hours of operations.

    November Art Guild Show

    By Patricia Harnedy

    The Art Guild's November show is a judged exhibit with money awards. The entries are due at the Treasure Island City Hall, 120 108th Ave, between 9am and 1pm on Thursday, Nov. 4. The fee for entry is $10 for members and $20 for nonmembers. If desired, you may join the Art Guild when you enter your two dimensional art work. Size limitation is a width of 42" including frame. Proper framing or gallery wrap is required, wired and ready to hang. Original work only please. Work must not have received a previous award from the Treasure Island Art Guild. It will be hung for one month.

    The awards will be given at our November members' meeting and awards reception on Saturday, November 13. We also have an art demonstrator program at this meeting.

    Our judge for this exhibit is Joanna Coke. We are fortunate to have this well qualified artist and teacher to judge our show. She is giving us an added bonus of a short written critique for each art work entered.

    The art will be judged on Nov. 11 and winners called that day. The cash prizes are $150.00 first place, $100.00 second place, $50.00 third place, with 4 honorable mentions of $25.00 each.

    Remember Thursday November 4th is the date for show entries. This is painting exchange day.

    Please visit our Art Guild Shows & Meetings webpage

    Art Guild News

    By Fred Wilder

    Paintings will be accepted from members of The Art Guild for the October art show on Thursday, September 30 from 9:00am. to 1:00pm. If you are not a member we invite you to become one and enter your paintings.

    You may enter up to two paintings.

    The reception for the winners of the show will be on Saturday, October 9 at 1:00pm. There will be an art demonstration by a professional artist. We will also have a flea market. This is your chance to pick up some cheap frames and art materials. All artists are invited to attend.

    All the above will be at The Treasure Island City Hall Auditorium 120 108th Avenue. For more information see our calendar of events or call Fred at 360-8390

    Thank you to all who contributed to this newsletter, especially Lily Goldman who supplied the clown painting at the top of this webpage.

    These monthly newsletters are a way for all members to communicate with the Art Guild & the general public.

    Please follow directions on the Frequently Asked Questions webpage.

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