November 13th 2010
Art Guild Winners, Honored at Reception:

by Anne Andersson, Oil

1st Place: "Prey" by Anne Andersson, Oil,

Comments from the Judge:

Ambitious, successfully accomplished, evocative title
informs me while I look at the artwork. More than just a tree.
Captures something happening; one plant destroying another.

by Winnie McIntyre, Oil
2nd Place: "African Boy" by Winnie McIntyre, Oil,

Comments from the Judge:

Good portrait. Makes me curious about subject. Want to know what his circumstances are and what he is thinking, not just about likeness

by Ray Vaillancourt, Oil
3rd Place: "Rock Port Harbor" by Ray Vaillancourt, Oil,

Comments from the Judge:

Simple, elegant plein aire, not overworked.
Tells me time of day, atmosphere, evokes emotional response.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)
by Frank Saso, Acrylic
"Send in the Clowns" by Frank Saso, Acrylic,

Comments from the Judge:

Very good likeness.
If you are going to attempt, make sure you can pull it off, he did.

by Andrea M. Holbrook, Oil
"Chilling" by Andrea M. Holbrook, Oil,

Comments from the Judge: Well rendered, well executed .

by Don Silvestri, Oil
"Simple Fare" by Don Silvestri, Oil,

Comments from the Judge: Still life but still with a little drama.
Thoughtful lighting and modeling

by Louise Garrigues, Mixed Media
"Ecstasy" by Louise Garrigues, Mixed Media,

Comments from the Judge: Good use of design, color, texture.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of the entrants.

Our Judge was Lance Rodgers, artist from St. Petersburg and curator of exhibitions at Salt Creek Artworks. Lance graduated with a degree in art from Florida State University in 1978. We were fortunate to have this award winning and well represented artist for our judge.He gave interesting comments on the winners from a viewpoint of emotion provoked by the art and the importance of the title.

E. Patricia Harnedy, Chairman of Exhibitions.

Thank you also to Joe Martin
for contributing all the Photographs for this webpage!

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