November Awards 2011-food, by Paul Shann


The above was taken at this "Monthly Art Award Meeting", and shows our Art Guild photographer
Joe Martin in the pink shirt along with his camera on the back table.
Thank you Joe for contributing all the "Award" Photographs below for this webpage.

Also special thanks to Pat Marklin for coordinating the refreshments.

The Judge for this show was:
Richard Jansen, President of Pinellas Park Art Society Watercolorist, Instructor.

NOVEMBER 2011 Honors:

1st. Place Harmony-Acrylic- Ellen Dargin Knapp

1st. Place “Harmony” - Acrylic - Ellen Dargin Knapp

Critique from the judge !

This piece is certainly an eye catcher. BIG, BOLD splashes of color catch your eye immediately. The whole composition is about COLOR!

The whimsy and rapid application of color make for a “fast paced” view of a moment in time.

The gathering of flowers. The idea of this is of fun, beauty and aroma. All your senses seem to be involved.

There is the contrast of the larger, solid color of the background with the vivid active colors of the flowers in the foreground.

The placement of the two larger than life figures amongst the fields of small flowers provides yet more contrast.

The idea of it being big, bold and beautiful leads me to want to see more of this artist’s work.

2nd. Place Ancient Splendors Mixed Media Chuck Hager
2nd. Place “Ancient Splendors” Mixed Media Chuck Hager.

Critique from the judge !

I enjoyed the positioning and the play of shapes interacting on a such a large surface. Because of shape and size they offer various degrees of “texture” within the composition. The graduation and overlapping of shape size leads to the center of interest.

The faint change of color within the composition asks one to look at the composition as a whole and not parts. That is achieved by the monochromatic like appearance, too.

Aiding the composition was the play of pattern and design on the surface of the shapes using stamps and found materials.

The piece caught my eye upon immediately entering the gallery.

Its sheer size and clarity was certainly a factor here.

3rd. Place High Hopes for High Tide Oil on Linen Robert Simone
3rd. Place “High Hopes for High Tide” Oil on Linen Robert Simone

Critique from the judge !

This small work has the spontaneity and freshness of a plein aire piece. It is beautifully executed and presented. The use of minimal brush strokes and color does not go unnoticed. It definitely captured the moment.

It is an excellent composition. The placement of the boat as a center of interest. Your eye is led in by the curve of the beach and surf. There is an excellent use of color as well as lights and darks in the composition.

All around, a beautiful piece of plein-aire painting. It is exactly what it is supposed to be.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)


Honorable Mention: “Five of a Kind”- Watercolor - Pat Marklin

Critique from the judge !

This painting shows excellent mastery and technique of the media, watercolor.

It’s basically water and zebras. The reaching necks of the zebras appear slightly exaggerated but reinforce their need to quench their thirst, giving meaning to that aspect.

Note the patterns of the stripes versing the patterns in the rippled water. That contrast most certainly enhances the composition one contrasting yet balancing the other.

Also noted were the two distinct areas of interest; the zebras and the water. One patterned area balancing out the other. Outstanding piece.

Foot Fantasy -Watercolor - Charlotte DiGennaro

Honorable Mention: “Foot Fantasy” -Watercolor - Charlotte DiGennaro

Critique from the judge !

This piece made me smile immediately. It is so much fun! The piece depicts a person who marches to a different drummer. I can truly relate to that. The elongation of the piece immediately tells me to expect something different. There is a great use of lights and darks to give contrast that almost always gives a piece it’s “punch”.

I enjoyed the use and playfulness of patterns and the great variety of pattern. The person is all about fun and truly living life.

The piece almost begins to take on an abstract feeling with the distortion and placement of shapes as well as pattern and color.

Waiting (I Chang) - Mixed Media - Ruth Philipon

Honorable Mention: “Waiting (I Chang)” - Mixed Media - Ruth Philipon

Critique from the judge !

I was struck by the overall presentation of this piece. I was especially struck by the verticality of the piece. It has a “reaching up” feeling. At the same time there is a sense of restfulness. This is reflected in the overall color tone of the composition. There is the contrast of the heavily patterned areas with the solid areas of white and neutral tones. I enjoyed the play and contrast of edges on shapes—some sharp and crisp while others are torn and amorphic.

The reaching necks of the cranes and tree contribute to the upward thrust in the composition. Lending to the composition too, is the overlapping and layering of shapes and color. Even the presentation, shadow box effect, contributes to its restful neutrality.

Johnny Reb - Inkjet - George B. Greenfield

Honorable Mention: “Johnny Reb” - Inkjet - George B. Greenfield

Critique from the judge !

This is a striking black and white portrait. Black and white produces such strong contrasts. This portrait abounds with contrast. There is the constant play of dark and light and shades of grays on the surface, especially the face. The subject portrays the ravages of war and stories untold. The photo is very reminiscent of a particular period in time. It reminds me of an old Civil War photo. The graininess gives the appearance of age. Much like an old Brady Civil War photo. I’ve always been partial to black and white photographs.


Richard Jansen

I would like to say thank you for allowing me to judge your work. It is something I enjoy doing but don’t get the opportunity very often. It is an honor to know that you trust and respect my judgment. After much deliberation a decision was made.

There was a wide variety of media, expertise and subject matter. It made the decision very difficult. Each and every piece had its own merit.

As you know, I’m sure, most judges in some way have a similar criteria for judging. We look at color, contrast, composition, use of media and all over presentation. These I refer to as the technical aspects. Then, to me, there is also the human element. Does the piece make a statement? Does it conjure up a feeling? Does it make the viewer smile, weep, recollect, or elicit fear and anger? Does it also show a sense of originality? After many trips around the gallery and note taking, a decision was made I hope each and every one of you take away some of the good feelings I had.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

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