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Banner Xmas by George Avery


The painting above is by George Avery, photographed by Paul Shann. Photographs below were supplied by Joe Martin. All this artwork and more is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall through the month of December at no charge. Open during normal business hours.

The Judge for this show was:
Pat Chase, Past President of Suntan.

DECEMBER 2011 Honors:

1st. Place Helen Mullin:- Winter Glow, Florida

1st. Place Helen Mullin: "Winter Glow, Florida"

Critique from the judge !

The warm glow of the sunlit stilt building against the cold wintry shadows seems to define the theme of the show. Knife-work keeps the subject fresh and adds an interesting shimmer.

2nd. Place  Colleen Ward: Winter in the Bahamas
2nd. Place Colleen Ward: "Winter in the Bahamas"

Critique from the judge !

Deeply contrasting patterns of light and shadow along with use of complementary colors add drama to an already strong composition.

3rd. Place  Annie Dwyer:- Standing Watch
3rd. Place Annie Dwyer: "Standing Watch"

Critique from the judge !

Delicate and detailed, each feather stroke adds life and distinction to a generally common subject matter. Control of the medium on the painting surface yields layers of translucent color that makes the scene appear to be lit from within.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

Kathryn Vanesse:- The Waltz

Honorable Mention: Kathryn Vanesse: "The Waltz"

Critique from the judge !

The fluid form of the figures generated by broad graceful brushstrokes creates the graceful flow of the dance.

Charlotte DiGennaro:- Join Me

Honorable Mention: Charlotte DiGennaro: "Join Me"

Critique from the judge !

A whimsical collage. Strong contrasts and playful patterns of hot colors against cold newsprint generate real energy and a strong presentation.

Ruth Philipon:- Vanda Orchid

Honorable Mention: Ruth Philipon "Vanda Orchid"

Critique from the judge !

A thoughtfully organized presentation of found objects, painted subjects and carefully manipulated fiber. Overlapping elements and repetitive color elements are the connective tissue that unifies the piece while tiny shells create a surprise.

Joe Martin:- Winter Reflections

Honorable Mention: Joe Martin: "Winter Reflections"

Critique from the judge !

The treatment of the subject renders almost surreal patterns of light and shadow suggesting shapes and images that can be read like a Rorschach inkblot. The artist captures the unrelenting cold, making me glad to be in Florida.


Pat Chase, Past President of Suntan

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share your wonderful artspace for a few moments. It was a challenging decision. The criteria I used was based on the classic elements of paintings, such as color, composition, presentation and facility with medium. These were then weighted against the WOW factor...that special little thing that sends your work over the top. Again, I thank you and applaud your collective creative spirit.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

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