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May 2013 Show

Show Theme "Mimic the Masters"
Judged by Rebecca Skelton

Judge’s statement:

Thank you for allowing me to judge your show. It is always a challenge to judge artwork demonstrating such diverse ability and to reward the experienced while not discouraging the beginner. Usually I factor heavily for creative imagination/personal expression/unique vision.
Copying from a master is a fine practice, but the master has already solved the compositional problems and chosen the best colors. With this show theme Copying from the Masters, I had to alter my criteria hierarchy. While most of the work was obviously within the theme, there were some pieces that seemed to be the artist’s own vision, which I appreciate and normally reward.
In the interest of fairness, I gave greater weight this time to those I thought to be "following the rules". I have had to find a balance among technical mastery, ambition, fairness, and personal interpretation/value added. I hope I have succeeded.

The painting above A VERY AVERY by Colleen Ward has copied the style of our very own member "Master Painter" George Avery. George has a very distinctive style and is a unique artist.

Well done Colleen.

This art work along with all the art work below and many more pieces are on display at the Treasure Island City Hall, through the month of May 2013.

Just come visit us during normal business hours.

MAY 2013 Honors:

 Peace by Bruce Kotchey,pencil

First Place: Peace by Bruce Kotchey,pencil

Critique from the judge!

I chose this drawing to be first place because the artist seemed to have crafted his own composition by translating sculpture into two dimensions. I admire how he creates a sense of mystery by flowing the negative space into the lost edges of the form so that the shadows and space become one consolidating unit.

 After Michaelangelo/Sistine Chapel 
by Luba Robinson, oil

Second Place: After Michaelangelo/Sistine Chapel (Delphic Sibyl / blue cape and flowing hair)
by Luba Robinson, oil

Critique from the judge!

The reason this painting is second place is not that there is anything lacking, but for the basic reasons previously stated about copies. What is outstanding about this artist’s work is the technical mastery of the paint. I chose this painting in particular because it is Michaelangelo painted in the technique of Leonardo plus wonderfully simulated aging/damage.

 Triumph of Bacchus  by Charles Zetterberg

Third Place: Triumph of Bacchus by Charles Zetterberg, oil and acrylic

Critique from the judge!

This interpretation of a Bacchus theme painting synthesizes old master images with pointillist technique to create a personal statement. Bacchanal experience seems to be usually remembered as fragmented, only coming into focus over distance/time.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

 After Cezanne: Monte Ste Victoire, Pat Van Leuvan

After Cezanne: Monte Ste Victoire by Pat Van Leuvan, watercolor

Critique from the judge!

The painting is recognizable as Cezanne but interpreted through the expressive color choices and loose washes.

 Vermeers The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Vitorria Hofman

Vermeers The Girl with the Pearl Earring by Vitorria Hofman, oil

Critique from the judge!

It is well painted, but the eyes are especially alive.

 Afternoon Delight,Carolyn Beard, oil

Afternoon Delight Carolyn Beard, oil

Critique from the judge!

Although this painting looks like an original composition, it is in such a still life tradition, I can accept it as "legal". The color shadows and expressive brushwork are reminiscent of Bonnard.

 Red Speed, Joe Martin,photography

Red Speed by Joe Martin, photography

Critique from the judge!

Without simulating a distant event is seems difficult to copy a master via a photograph. This photo does not reference any photograph I am aware of. However, I had to choose it because it does what only documentary photography can do best: make us see the extraordinary in the everyday. With the simple complementary color scheme, the pop of green make the red even more intense. The composition creates a metaphor. A logo on a car becomes an airplane streaking across a deep sunset sky.

Judge’s final comments :

If there were more prizes available, I would have found many more winners. A couple of pieces in particular come to mind. The Iris painting would benefit from having as many hue variations in the flowers as were used so well in the vase. The digital image of construction is a great composition, but the colors are overwhelmingly bold.

Rebecca Skelton

Thank you Joe Martin for taking the award photographs for this webpage.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

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