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JANUARY 2013 Show

Show Theme "Gestures", Judged by Joe Walles

Joe writes: "Thank you for the opportunity to judge the show. There were many excellent pieces of work to choose from making the selections difficult but enjoyable. Take care, Joe Walles"

JANUARY 2013 Honors:

A Turning Point

First Place: Eleanor Harmon Adamo - A Turning Point - mixed media.

Critique from the judge !

Emotional and dramatic colors with a good use of texture that continued to hold your attention.

Relaxing at the Pool

Second Place: Elizabeth Beattie - Relaxing at the Pool - acrylic and India ink on paper.

Critique from the judge !

Unusual concept with unusual colors done in patterns that work well together.

The Maestro

Third Place: Pat Davis - The Maestro - acrylic.

Critique from the judge !

Captures the feeling of motion using somber colors to suggest emotional music.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

Night Blooms II

Carolyn Beard - Night Blooms II - acrylic.

Critique from the judge !

Looseness of colors interestingly contrasted against a graphic background.

Magnolia Blossom

Gerry Bourlon - Magnolia Blossom - watercolor.

Critique from the judge !

Delicate handling of paint for a delicate subject.

Into the Woods

Louise Garrigues - Into the Woods - acrylic.

Critique from the judge !

Dark colors suggest going into a cool and mysterious forest.

Autumn Leaves

Bruce Kotchey - Autumn Leaves - acrylic.

Critique from the judge !

Textured colors with good composition.

Thank you Joe Martin for suppling the award photographs for this webpage.

All this artwork and more is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall through the month of JANUARY 2013 at no charge. Open during normal business hours.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

The Art Guild also features members artwork at the Treasure Island Community Center.
Members art work are featured new every two months during the winter months.
Read more details about this current show in our February Newsletter on this website
(see link below).
These paintings are not judged, there is no reception, but they are truly worthy of a visit for your enjoyment.

Treasure Island Community Center

1 Park Place & 106th Avenue

Treasure Island.

Please call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.

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