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Judge Vernon Hagenbuckle

FEBRUARY 2013 Show "From the Heart"

Judged by Vernon Hagenbuckle (Shown above)

Thank you Vernon for your most enlightened presentation.

FEBRUARY 2013 Honors:

First Prize:  Carolyn Beard
First Prize: Carolyn Beard, "Bird Song" Mixed Media

Critique from the judge !

As I mentioned in my remarks to the Guild, I weight my judging by three values: Concept, Composition, Craftsmanship. Carolyn Beardís " Birdsong" of lyrical abstraction, celebrates nature with invented organic shapes that float in a chromatic atmosphere. Space is created with the " push-pull" of warm and cool colors, value contrast, and measured saturation. The mixed media works with control that is neither too tight or sloppy accidental. " Birdsong" gets top ratings by my values. Carolyn: Paint more, paint bigger!

Second Prize: Martha Marsh "Kara"
Second Prize: Mary Marsh "Kara" Pastel.

Critique from the judge !

As a drawing teacher and a regular life drawing artist, I was immediately "drawn" to Maryís "Kara". The work is clearly done from life and not from a photograph. The drawing demonstrates the artistís knowledge of anatomy, accurate proportioning and modeling form with light with great sensitivity. I do not know "Kara" , but her personality is in the work. The delicate handling of the media, pastel on toned paper is suggestive of classical drawing discipline, often bypassed in contemporary art schools.

Third Prize:  Kathleen Lockart Heliconias
Third Prize: Kathleen Lockart "Heliconias" Watercolor.

Critique from the judge !

"Heliconias" is a fine demonstration of Abstract Expressionistic painting. The subject matter of nature is celebrated with the artistís subjective response, which is both analytical and emotional. I am reminded of Kandinsky and the German Expressionists of the early 20th Century. The watercolor media is rendered with a control that suggests the "10,000 hours" of past practice. A small study beautifully done.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

Grace Murdock,Who Let In The Cat
Grace Murdock," Who Let In The Cat" Watercolor

Critique from the judge !

On first viewing, dismissed "Who Let In the Cat" from contention because of the horrible perspective drawing. A second look showed me that reverse and isometric perspective systems were deliberately utilized to create a chaotic space enhancing the concept of the painting. The content is "cartoonlike" in the best sense of the word and delightful.

Honorable Mention: George Avery,  Eliseís Other Garden
George Avery, "Eliseís Other Garden" Oil

Critique from the judge !

"Elsieís Other Garden" alls into the category of "primitive" or "Outsider Art", where the uniqueness of the artistís vision powers past academic rules of drawing and composition. The beasts that inhabit Averyís painting remind me of Edward Hickís "Peaceable Kingdom" now on display at the Tampa Museum. The composition here is not as well organized as other Avery paintings I have seen.

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Bettie,California Sunshine in Florida India Ink and Acrylic
Elizabeth Bettie, " California Sunshine in Florida" India Ink and Acrylic

Critique from the judge !

California Sunshine" is a graphic illustration that demonstrates a fine degree of rendering skill. The composition is one of decorative rhythmic packed shapes that remain on the picture plane. The unexpected juxtaposition of the dog with marine life is delightful and the interplay of patterns sustain the viewerís interest.

Honorable Mention: Colleen Ward,The Bracelet Pastel
Colleen Ward, " The Bracelet" Pastel

Critique from the judge !

This work has an unusual compositional structure that is dynamic. The artist makes use of a fragment of a photograph shot from a high angle. This is similar to photographs taken by Cartier Bresson. By cropping and emphasizing the stacked diagonals for a rhythm that suggests forward motion. The translation of media from photography to painting adds scale and color to the effect.

Thank you Joe Martin for suppling photographs for this webpage.

All this artwork and more is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall through the month of February 2013 at no charge. Open during normal business hours.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

The Art Guild also features members artwork at the Treasure Island Community Center.
Four works from each member selected are featured.
Read more details about these shows in our Newsletters on this website (see link below).
These paintings are not judged, there is no reception, but they are truly worthy of a visit for your enjoyment.

Treasure Island Community Center

1 Park Place & 106th Avenue

Treasure Island.

Please call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.

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