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April 2013 Show

The painting above GRAND CHILDREN, oil by Barbara Cushing
is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall,
along with all the art work below and much more,
all at no charge,
just come visit us during normal business hours.

Show Theme "After the Rain"
Judged by Diane Gugliotta

Diane writes:
Critique on first 3 Awards:
The first 3 paintings were a joy to look at and the images had a large staying power with me. It was like comparing apples to bananas and almost impossible for me to subjugate one under the other. Each artist in the top three are very comfortable with their choice of media and direction of expression. They seem to be at the top of their maturity in style and effortlessly draw you in to their world.

Critiques on Honorable Mentions:
Again-the Honorable Mentions pictures showed a maturity of individual style, subject and media-and a fond marriage to creativity in thought.

APRIL 2013 Honors:

Study Hour

1ST PLACE Study Hour by Pat Davis, Acrylic

Critique from the judge!

Study Hour had a flawless balance of Matisse-like objects and colors. Reminiscent of the cubistic era--it still had an interesting personal markin the placement of objects. Its size, boldness and element of surprise (noting the surface decoration on the vase jumping rite off the surface into the background) combine for a very striking piece. Joy with a touch of mystery was my key feeling as my eye bounced through the shapes and colors.

Walk About Tree

2ND PLACE Walk About Tree by George Avery, oil

Critique from the judge!

Walk about Tree with its sinuous mystery tree creates an unforgettable poem. Because of the offness or crooked painted frame and the weight of the painting to be in the left hand corner, the tree actually appears to be wobbling--like a seesaw. I donít know if it was intentional to make the frame crooked-but I guess it was a stroke of genius. Thank you, George for this treat.

 Poodles at the Beach

3ND PLACE Poodles at the Beach, by Charles Zetterberg,Paint on Paper.

Critique from the judge!

Poodles at the Beach. This showed and extraordinary expertise and ease in the use of his material. It is a fresh image and clearly communicated the wetness of the sand, activity of the poodles, and beauty of the day. I can almost hear the dogs breathing, smell the rain and feel that big red tongue lapping.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home, Winnie McIntyre, oil

After the Rain

After the Rain, Vittoria Hohman, oil

 Something Unexpected

Something Unexpected Gerry Bourlow, W.C

At the Beach

At the Beach, Bruce Kotchey, colored pencil

Thank you Joe Martin for taking the award photographs for this webpage.
All this artwork and more is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall
through the month of April 2013 at no charge.
Open during normal business hours.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

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