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Banner- Positions Please -Acrylic by Bruce Kotchey


Judged by Douglas Land

The painting above Positions Please, Acrylic by Bruce Kotchey
on display at the Treasure Island City Hall,
along with all the art work below and much more,
all at no charge, just come visit us during normal business hours.

Our Judge for this show was Doug Land who is a member of the Treasure Island Art Guild Exhibition Committee and a major contributor to towards the selection of our Judges for each Monthly Show.

Currently he teaches a variety of classes and workshops in the Tampa Bay area. These include Suntan Art Center, Beach Art Center, Dazzio Art Experience School of Art and several City of St. Petersburg locations. In addition, Doug has taught at local museums such as the Tampa Museum of Art and The Salvador Dali and the Museum of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg. He has also presented classes, workshops, talks and demonstrations at SPC, USF St. Petersburg and University of Tampa.

His past activities of note include mural projects in Florida and North Carolina, figure drawing book and art exchanges as well as open drawing monitor, landscape and rock waterfall design and illustrations. Doug has been a Courtroom Sketch Artist for Federal Court the past 5 years for national and local television and print networks. Original court sketches are in numerous collections throughout the United States.

Thank you Doug for all your dedicated contributions to our Art Guild and for judging this show.

APRIL 2012 Honors:

1st Place Silly Old Men Lino Block Print by Kathleen Rabey

1st Place Silly Old Men Lino Block Print by Kathleen Rabey

Critique from the judge !

Small is powerful in this quartet of distinctive and individual personalties. The simple but effective presentation in black and white really shows the confident strokes and expressive, yet introspective faces. I find I want to know more of each of these men, and am curious as to what each is focused on internally. Appreciating the work up close allows the images to become larger in my opinion. I am reminded of the emotional impact from the work of the 20th century German Expressionist artists in these small portraits bound together by a simple frame.

2nd Place- Come to Me- Acrylic by Bruce Kotchey
2nd Place Come to Me Acrylic by Bruce Kotchey

Critique from the judge !

This is a good example of a strong and centrally located and balanced image that dominates the work. The figure is abstracted in a simple outline with the color and information within, much like a large butterfly. The work seems very stable yet visually active. The mixing of media allows the figure to move beyond the gold background and the light mat. The oriental woman, perhaps a geisha, looks down as we approach closer to inspect the colors and medallion, as if she is prepared to entertain with conversation, singing or dancing. I believe the large size and wall placement enhance this work.

3rd Place Reflection Photo Art by Joseph Martin
3rd Place Reflection Photo Art by Joseph Martin

Critique from the judge !

Design and presentation make this a powerful photo image. The simplicity of the components is balanced and is interesting if viewed from any direction. The touch of colors does not overwhelm, and the order and balance make this a meditative space. The Impressionist like manipulation of the lower images is just enough to bring energy to an otherwise still moment in time. I believe the frame and mat work very well with this photo art.

Honorable Mentions

(in no particular order of merit)

Pretty Girl- Oil by Winnie McIntyre
Pretty Girl Oil by Winnie McIntyre

Critique from the judge !

The bright spring colors in impasto brush strokes bring this image out from the dark frame. The small scale makes this an intimate and ground level view of a moment in the life of a cat that apparently has no interest in the viewer! I wonder what holds the solid look of this cat beyond the picture frame? I find the flowers quite interesting in their shapes and quantity, and really enjoyed the time looking at this painting.

Honorable Mention: Cosmos I- Acrylic by Patricia Marklin
Cosmos I Acrylic by Patricia Marklin

Critique from the judge !

This energetic painting I found interesting from both near and far. Up close there are the variety of techniques that touch all areas of the surface. From a distance there is an overall dynamic presentation with the flowing lines and the dark, twisting ribbon of color that crosses the work in a strong diagonal. Overall, I find this a very compelling abstract work that I believe the artist has spent much time evaluating and refining to the finished presentation.

Honorable Mention: Hold on to your Hat oil by Helen Mullins
Hold on to your Hat oil by Helen Mullins

Critique from the judge !

The dark glasses hide the eyes, and the limited facial expressions do not provide clues as to what holds the couples visual interest. The similar and repeated body positions bring a balance and stability to a moment when we ask why are they holding their hats? There are no clues in the painting or reflections on the glasses. The simple and abstracted color shapes of clothing, soft edges and indistinct background invite the viewer to focus on the man and woman.

Honorable Mention: Ferdinand - Oil by George Avery

Ferdinand Oil by George Avery

Critique from the judge !

I like this departure of George's work in both large size as well as with fewer subjects. The face of the bovine invites us into the snapshot of a moment of a two dimensional world inhabited by plants and creatures not so different than in our environment. This is really a peaceful surreal image and the harmony of the colors tends to flatten the space with little variation in tone. The vegetation tends to create a frame within a frame, keeping our view with the painting. I enjoy the activity of the light filled sky, which reminds me of a darker version seen in the painting Wheat Field with Crows by Vincent van Gogh.

Thank you Joe Martin for suppling photographs for this webpage.

All this artwork and more is on display at the Treasure Island City Hall through the month of April 2012 at no charge. Open during normal business hours.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all the entrants!

The Art Guild also features members artwork at the Treasure Island Community Center.
Four works from each member selected are featured starting in April 2012.
Read more details about this show in our May Newsletter on this website (see link below).
These paintings are not judged, there is no reception, but they are truly worthy of a visit for your enjoyment.

Treasure Island Community Center

1 Park Place & 106th Avenue

Treasure Island.

Please call 547-4575 ext. 238 for hours of operation.

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